Anyone Use Bp Vanilla In Their Bp Coffee...?

Has anyone tried using the 'Upgraded Vanilla' in their coffee?  If you have, any feedback or review or instructions on how you used the product?


I tried it, but wasn't able to get the Vanilla powder to break down in the blender, so my coffee was full of the little granules, making the texture while drinking feel like there were coffee grinds in my coffee...  Also, I'm not sure I could really taste it - (I put about 1.5 teaspoons into a 10oz cup of coffee before I blended).


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    I liked the little granules in mine. I didn't notice the taste either until I ran out, then I noticed how it curbed the butter flavour. Search around, there are a few threads about this.

  • When I can't distinguish between the vanilla and the coffee grounds, it is a problem.  However - I just bought this press, and I have no grounds anymore, and I love having the Vanilla in the coffee once in a while when the mood strikes.

  • Doesn't vanilla have some health/cognition benefits?

    Makes bpc taste really good anyway :)

  • I just used the vanilla for the first time, first time i added it to the blender and it left flakes in my coffee, did not like that, plus didnt notice a taste difference though I only used 1/2 a teaspoon figuring at $24 I wasnt about to load up on it. Second try I put it in my airpress and brewed it, it took care of the flakes but not sure of the taste? What amount is everybody else using, how are you using it and is it worth the price? I like the coffee without, but was trying to please the wife, not worth the price unless if I'm doing it wrong.

  • I've been butting upgraded cocoa butter in mine. It's delicious. 

  • I use it, quite often.


    Re: the granules -- that's the deal with this vanilla.  I have lots of coffee grounds in my BPC anyway, because I filter very loosely.  They settle if it really bothers you, but personally, I like it.


    Re: the flavour -- it's more about aroma than flavour.  I use ¼ of a teaspoon, so not very much -- but enough to feel a lovely little atmosphere to my coffee.


    Re: the health benefits -- according to Dave, it aids autophagy.

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    I really enjoyed the times I made coffee with the Upgraded Vanilla. I picked it up as an add-on item when doing an early order for coffee and mct oil with a 10% discount coupon code. I would use around 1/2 teaspoon and let it steep in the french press with the coffee grounds. It added a very welcome aroma and flavor and certainly delighted my taste buds when I added some cacao butter to the equation. When I ran out of it, however, I never re-ordered. I couldn't really justify the added cost at this point.


    I do recall someone posting a link to a similar product. While most likely not as high-a-quality, it did boast quite a price difference. I would be interested and purchase Upgraded Vanilla with every coffee order if it were a bit cheaper.

  • Does anyone know if vanilla is stimulatory? Would it be okay to put into the night-time collagen/tryptophan mix?

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    About to try the Upgraded Vanilla for the very first time and can`t wait to taste the granule textures

    (can`t wait to blend this in the BP Ice cream too) Yummy days ahead. It smells divine.

    So we made the BP Ice Cream with the Upgraded Vanilla and are sold on the product.

    The granule texture blings and is best in the ice cream because the awesomeness really shows.

    Ever had vanilla ice cream with real vanilla seed pods....that flavoursome is there.
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