Dual N Back Results

Hey guys, I wanted to share my write-up on Dual N-back. It includes the science behind DNB as well as my personal results. 

I don't have any hard data to back up IQ gains, but subjectively, it feels like I'm about +5 IQ points better for it, Lol. 


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Dual N-back is a deceptively simple looking brain game that is scientifically proven to:


  • Increase concentration
  • Boost working memory
  • Increase fluid intelligence




Working Memory = Fluid Intelligence = Cognitive Ability


"Working memory" is interchangeable with “fluid intelligence.” Fluid intelligence is a good predictor of general cognitive ability.


It underlies many activities you might do on a daily basis:


  • Mental math
  • Reading and writing
  • Conversation
  • Memory
  • Learning new skills


Quantified Benefits


Working memory gains from Dual N-Back proved to be linear in this study. As the numbers show, the more you train with Dual N-Back, the more benefits you reap.




Working memory training = more general cognitive ability in mice. More specifically, these challenges enhanced the Dopamine 1 (D1) receptors in the mouse brains. There’s definitely some correlation between D1 receptors and mental health.




Dual N-Back has varying levels of difficulty. Everyone starts out on level 2. I played at least 3 games per day for 31 days. 

Here were my average scores by the week:


Week 1 Dual 2-Back (90% accuracy)

Week 2 Dual 3-Back (60% accuracy)

Week 3 Dual 3-Back (80% accuracy)

Week 4 Dual 3-Back (90% accuracy)


The results I noticed seemed minimal, at first. But then I realized I wasn’t forgetting what I was going to say in conversations. I didn’t have trouble focusing. I could quickly process complex thoughts and memorize long sentences.

After taking a week off, I came back to the game. I expected at least some atrophy of my mental abilities.

To my surprise, Dual-3 Back seemed so incredibly natural that I had to bump up the challenge level to Dual 4-Back. Allowing a “recovery week” seemed to enhance my gains even more! 

Your mind is a muscle- use it often, for good things. 




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