Simple Sleep Hack - K1 Acupressure Point



Just wondering if anyone has tried massaging the Kidney 1 point on the soles of their feet before going to bed. It is supposed to draw down energy from the head and reduce mind chatter. 


Many people suggest rubbing the soles of the feet around this point between 50 and 200 times before bed.


I've found it to be helpful.






  • I'll give it a try and see!
  • So this is where I got the idea:




    Its the last thing he says to do, but the other tapping is very interesting.

  • Yes, this Qicong tapping is very therapeutic, my martial arts teacher had us practice these before and after very strenuous workouts and sparring sessions. Several meridians are represented here in this video which help with recovery and organ support. I never tried before bed, will have to, but let me tell you it's a great way to start your day, out in the sun if you can.
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  • I've only tried the foot massage before bed and the tapping I do during the day and find it very energising.


    In the morning I have been trying this abdominal massage. which consists of 36 circular movements from the naval out then in the opposite direction working in. Then a top and bottom "V" in both directions. I think the Taoists call it Chi Nei Tsang.




    I learned it from a Egyptian teacher who told us the story Sesostris III (Bruce Lee of the Old Kingdom) he had legendary digestive powers and would run 20 miles before breakfast. Much of this was attributed to this abdominal massage. For the Egyptians the area multiple spiritual energies: khibit (astral body - spleen/pancreas), ka (desire body in the small intestine), saahu (spirit - vitality in the liver)  and eb (heart  area  from physical heart to solar plexus).




    At any rate it seems like a good idea to have more awareness in this area.


    I've noticed that it makes deep breathing from the abdomen more natural and it is easier to let go of tension in this area - all fairly obvious really. 


    I may give it a go before bed and see if I sleep better.

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