Proper Way To End Rflp

So here's a simple question I haven't seen answered anywhere yet - what's the 'right' way to end the RFLP?


I'm currently in week 2 of my RFLP journey and will be ending after this week to go back to intermittent fasting as my wife just joined the bulletproof lifestyle and I'm going to shift back to IF to support her journey as she's doing IF as well.


So is there a proper method or timing to ending the RFLP? Do you move to IF on your refeed day, or the day before or after?  Curious if anyone has any insight into this and what timing would be optimal to produce the best carryover effect.

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  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    edited April 2014

    A giant pizza, then feel like crap, then start doing regular BP IF for maintenance.

  • NickatNickat
    edited July 2014

    Don`t dive in and eat loads of protein as your digestive system will not thank you.

    Maybe start with soups or mashed veggies and then the protein.

    Eggs and Sockeye Salmon are easier than the red meats to digest on a carb nite. Mashed carrot are awesome, rice in a soup also good.

    Red meats will be eaten a couple of days after the RFLP has ended for good and only when regular daily solid food is back on the menu.

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