Is Running Possibly Making Me Gain Weight?

I have been fully BP for about 8 weeks now. I have had great success in losing body fat. In the last week instead of losing 3-5 pounds as I have the weeks before, I gained 3 pounds? The only thing different is I started running again. I have been very good on the BP. No cheats, nothing. Please help with ideas.


BP Coffee

2tbs of Ghee Grassfed

1 tbs of BP MCT oil 



3 Pasture Raised Eggs, Lots of spinach, and ghee into an lightly cooked omelet.  

Avacado or cucumber



1/2 pound 93% grassfed groundbeef


baby boy choy or broccolli in ghee


Only use Pink Salt to flavor

ONLY drink filtered water. Drink around 128oz in a day.


  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    If you over do it you could increase cortisol. But it's probably just muscle, water or food still in your digestive system.

    I can easily shift a couple pounds from day to day.
  • I am hoping that is the case, but I'm only running 2-3 miles at a time. Plus my muscle % only went from 34.2 to 34.4. Not a huge increase.

  • IMO...slow paced and long duration cardio work is counter productive to fat loss in almost all situations. How often are you doing these runs? What other exercise are you doing?
  • I ran 5 times in the last week. 3 miles each time. I rode my bike once last week. 


    You think I should move to more weight training and less cardio? Maybe Yoga or something in that style? 


    (By the way, I appreciate any help.)

  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats

    In my opinion, while in ketosis, the best exercise is mostly a lot of walking, then infrequent short but high intensity exercise like heavy weightlifting involving combined muscle groups (squats etc) and sprinting in intervals.


    I do a 1 hour walk everyday with 1 heavy workout (gym) once weekly for 30 minutes. I also have kettlebells at my home, so every other day I will do a few sets of swings targeting different muscle groups, typically less than 5 minutes. I throw in pushups whenever I feel my body has recouped from the heavy workout.

  • Excellent. I will try that.

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