Toothpaste For Toddlers?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a safe BP toothpaste suitable for toddlers?


I've been eyeing this one:




    I havent made it.. Cos I am the laziest person on earth but I just mix coconut oil and calcium tablets and peppermint oil. But been very lazy and went back to toothpaste. When I have time I shall make some.

  • my daughter has hated all toothpastes I have made....and I have tried LOTS. 


    This one is amazing though!

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    Honestly, I don't even use toothpaste anymore. I brush with just a little water. Once a week or so I do activated charcoal, too. Why bother with toothpaste?

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  • Honestly, I don't even use toothpaste anymore. I brush with just a little water. Once a week or so I do activated charcoal, too. Why bother with toothpaste?



    one of my homies is a dentist, and i was asking him if toothpaste is really necessary for dental health. he said "not really". so there ya have it folks, 1 out of 1 dentists interviewed by me agree, toothpaste isn't necessary! 

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    Maybe I just need to get used to it, but it tastes horrible to just use water, and it doesn't feel as clean. I've used Xyliwhite and that was OK. From what I've read about tooth health, if you have the right nutrients your teeth will be able to handle the mouth acid attack, its only when they don't that your teeth start decaying from the acid. It makes sense to me to thoroughly remove the food that the acid-creating bacteria live on, all with a fresh peppermint aftertaste :-)

  • yeah, there may be some useful stuff in toothpaste. i'm just kind of on a "no body products" kick inspired by some of the threads on this forum though (demonofchouka had a good post a while back...). i've been doing the no-poo thing (baking soda/acv) and haven't used any soap or toothpaste for the past couple weeks. despite the fact that i am active most days (including training outside, hiking in vibrams, doing hot yoga classes at least once a week, etc.) i don't seem to smell and have yet to get any negative comments... pretty soon i'm gonna start asking people to smell me just to get confirmation. 

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    I myself gave up tooth paste over a year ago after having a bleak diagnosis from dentist about the state of my gums. I did some searching online and stumbled on this oil that came with some amazing success stories. I started using it right away and had an incredible turn around in my dental profile!! It's basically a combination of essential oils. You drop a few drops on your tooth brush and brush as usual. My results were so incredible even my dentist was impressed!
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    I like this stuff. A lot of pastes have stabilizers and foaming agents, or zinc oxides to make it white. Unecessary stuff IMO.

    This lasts a while, and has mouth probiotics in it.
  • My three-year old really likes Earthpaste (lemon twist) and Theodent (classic, although I plan on getting her the chocolate flavored one next) .

    I use and recommend both. I also occasionally oil pull with coconut oil and brush with clay or charcoal.
  • I've been brushing with just water and a little coconut oil for awhile now. Slowly getting the rest of the family there as well.

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