Acid Reflux

I started getting acid reflux at age 28... after a lifteime of not even knowing what heartburn felt like.


It seems to appear when I'm on IF and eat my first bite of beef... although I've also had it real bad with pork.


I ordered some HCL to help... but I'd really like to get back to this not being a problem... any advice.


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    Acid Reflux is a *itch. I have been fighting it off for a long time. There are two kinds. There is the kind that you get while standing up and just about any random ol time of day, and there is the really acidic kind that you get when you lie down after a meal or have like some indigestion.


    For silent reflux, the stand-up kind, you are kind of screwed in some ways, but I think of it as more of an inflammation thing caused by leaky gut. No one really knows, but I am almost 100% sure that this is the case. Leaky gut can be caused by many things. It lets toxins and foreign proteins through the intestinal wall that aren't supposed to be there. Stop me if you heard all this.


    So, long story short, some supplements that alleviate and cure acid reflux (of both types, really) are:


    -ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (sops up stray proteins, gas, and toxins)

       -take on an empty stomach


    -CHLORELLA (sops up even more proteins/gases/toxins)

       -take after a meal that feels like it's not settling well with you


    -KRILL/FISH OIL (omega 3s almost instantly alleviate inflammation caused by stray toxins and probably helps with digestion as well;

    inflammation is arguably the cause of all reflux and even erosion in the esophagus, which occurs from the inside of the tissue out in cases of GERD-induced acid reflux---

    this does not make sense chemically, so acid reflux probably does not actually chemically burn your esophagus, which is reassuring, but we still have to deal with that inflammation!)

    ---this is my #1 recommended supplement for acid reflux

    KRILL is better


    -MAGNESIUM (helps open pyloric valve to get stuff out of the stomach and into the ileum,

    though some say it also relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter,

    but you really can't go wrong with a good magnesium;

    prefer glycinate, malate, and citrate...

    threonate actually induces classic acid reflux when I take it on an empty stomach, so I don't recommend it, though people say it might be the best cause it goes to the BRAIN)


    -POTASSIUM (this is a new discovery for me, but I believe it works, as we probably don't get enough potassium in our diet,

    especially on bulletproof with no bananas and little potatoes (avocados are your best bet),

    and potassium helps with muscle contraction---

    one word of warning: Start slow! Potassium in concentrated doses (only up to 99 mg are allowed by FDA) can hurt your stomach lining if it settles,

    which is not a good thing when you have intestinal issues or gastritis/reflux issues.

    I would only take 99 mg a day for awhile and see how it affects you, and of course eat more avocadoes than usual to get that extra natural boost from nutrition.

    The overall effect should strengthen your smooth muscles


    -ZINC CARNOSINE (this is John Brisson's secret weapon; check out his site

    I experienced some relief from it when I first started using it, and I cycle it in and out once in awhile, but I still think the main issue is inflammation and leaky gut.

    The zinc helps with leaky gut, because it helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall.

    Actually, it's the carnosine that is doing a lot of work with the stomach lining. I forgot what it does, but the Japanese use it and actually prescribe it for gastritis and intestinal upset.



       Feel free to take a ton of this stuff! It is like a secret language protein for your gut.

    Dave recommends it for IBS, and many say it is the key to ultimately fixing leaky gut.

    It also helps with workout recovery.

    I use the Thorne powdered form in two daily shakes with other proteins and butter and stuff (up to 10 g a day, 5 in each shake).



       Contains butyric acid, which helps restore the gut lining

       It's also really good, and it makes you full.

       Some people say that eating too much fat causes acid reflux.

       Well, I think mechanically speaking, yes, it slows digestion, but a fatty diet (with Bulletproof fats) is altogether anti-inflammatory

       I eat as much fat as possible, despite what my doctor told me to do about my gallbladder.

       All you need for gallbladder sluggishness (NOT gallstones, however) is a capsule of artichoke extract 15 minutes after every meal.



       These seem to help me and I get weird rashes and such if I don't take them once in awhile.

       There is a special probiotic from Seeking Health which is "SCD and GAPS Compliant"

       (That means it contains the kind of bacteria that are gentle on your gut.)


    Some people think that you should try and alleviate the acid by drinking alkaline water/aloe juice/baking soda. I say if you're really burning up like severely, you should do this. However, I believe that this makes an environment in your gut that yeast/candida, famous culprit of leaky gut, LOVE, so I don't recommend putting alkaline stuff down your gullet too much.


    So since you're having issues while fasting, it could be a gallbladder thing, because that would be when the food is down in your intestines and stuff. Do you ever get gallbladder/liver pains in your side or your liver? I sometimes get these pains in tandem with fasted reflux, and it's really annoying. If so, you can use MILK THISTLE and MOLYBDENUM to give your liver a boost. It really helps a lot!

  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats

    Eating BP pretty much cured my acid reflux, I still get it rarely, but if I eat a lot of carbs it comes back and lasts for 2-3 days.


    Eating a spoonful of coconut oil can make it go away short term.

  • I'll let John Brisson do the schooling on gut caused GERD, but what cured mine before I even knew what paleo or BP was orange peel extract.
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    I'll let John Brisson do the schooling on gut caused GERD, but what cured mine before I even knew what paleo or BP was orange peel extract.


    D-limonene is excellent stuff, where is Hooper to sing it's praises?

    My book Fix Your Gut, is offered on Amazon for $9.99.


    I also offer coaching:


    Please join or like the Fix your Gut Facebook. Also please add me on twitter @FixYourGutJB.



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    *clears throat*


    La la la la la la D-limonene

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    La la la la la la make it part of your routine

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    La la la la la la take it in the morning

    La la la la la la D-limonene

    La la la la la la to prevent acid reflux from your cuisine

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    You're holding out on me John. You never told me about D-limonene. Oh wait, you mentioned it once in passing it looks like. Does it work for silent reflux? I haven't had too much trouble lately, but always good to know.

  • Hmm,  I clearly need to do more learning.  My acid reflux is sudden and acute.  Typically it occurs after when I eat my first bit of meat in a fasted state (and particularly after hard drinking the night before.)


    When my reflux occurs it is either very short and mild, with some sour burps or is brutal to the point of throwing up.   When brutal, it feels as though my stomach is trying to evacuate everybit of meat in there... and it does.  In either case, episodes last for 15 minutes or less and many times I simply wait for it to pass and then finish the delicous meal.


    Oddly, I've noticed that taking activated charcoal may increase the chances that I experience an episode.


    I'm thinking it may be due to some type of infection as, like I said before, it seemed to appear around age 28 and its possible that my very low carb diet allowed some sort of fungal infection to grow.


    Thanks for the tips guys... order up on D-limonene

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    My guess is it is a passing thing. It sounds pretty acute. Sometimes acute acid reflux is caused by H. pylori, so you might want to get it checked out. I think you might want to treat it naturally if you have it, instead of taking the tons and tons of antibiotics they prescribe for it. Our bowels are in constant flux, so things will balance themselves out eventually in my opinion unless you have one of the nastier bacteria out there. I even had staphylococcus in my throat and just kind of let it heal itself, using some colloidal silver, lactoferrin, licorice tea, and some other natural stuff to fight the bacteria. It cleared itself up over time. This is assuming you have a good diet.


    In the meantime, I think krill oil will help you. I used to have problems with charcoal, too, but it doesn't do anything bad anymore.


    A low carb diet wouldn't cause fungal infection to grow, but it can throw things out of balance, so I understand what you're getting at. It's better to have stuff in your diet that will feed good bacteria, like green veggies and stuff which you probably already do, but also some yams, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. How much carbs do you eat? When I wasn't having any starchy veggies at all, I almost killed my gallbladder, and it really flared up my acid reflux, so that's not a good idea.



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    I've had that kind when laying down after a meal. Turns out I have a "leaky gut" and other things going on as well. After getting treated with antibiotics in order to kill some parasites which they also fond in my gut it feels really messed up. Atm I'm following a protein fasting and low carb kind of bulletproof fasting diet. My doctors help me recovering from everything. I have to take several supplements over the next month and then we will check how it turns out.


    I got pain in my gut when eating too many high energy carbs and many protein sources like eggs and faty fish, sour fruits (half a citron in a liter of water is already too much), cayenne/chili, too much salt and maybe coffee...


    Supplements perscriped:

    High potency Vitamins


    resistant starch



    high dose of EPA DHA



    In addition to that I take:


    green tea extract


    For the last days I startetd eating only:

    Green shakes/smoothies

    resistant starches like sweet potatoes and plantains

    probiotic foods...

    I'm also careful with coffee. :(


    I do sleep a lot and I switch off all my electronic devices at night


    At this point it really helps with recovering. I feel better every day and my psoriasis seems to be gone for 95%. I keep following this diet until my psoriasis is gone for completely and then I'm gonna reintroduce proteins and see how I feel....


    Go get your gut fixed with help of some really good doctors.




    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
    advanced | How to train: bulletproof training | HRV: HRV FOR TRAINING HRV BASICS What Affects HRV | Brain  & Memory dual n back training advanced training



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    I got reflux symptoms (for the first time ever) when going on the BP diet. 


    The best option for reducing my symptoms was Quercetin. (Tried HCL first, but it didn't work well)


    Also, I switched to a histamine degrading probiotic. I used ProBiota Bifido by SeekingHealth. Started two a day then down to once a day. After two months the heartburn was gone.


    All of my info came from Chris Kresser's ebook and blog post.


    FYI: Dave has a post on histamines.

    Personal blog:
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    I use SeekingHealth stuff, too. Have you heard of the SCD and GAPS compliant one? That focuses on the histamine-degrading probiotics, too.



  • No, I haven't heard of SCD and GAPS compliant probiotic. Where can I find it?



    I use SeekingHealth stuff, too. Have you heard of the SCD and GAPS compliant one? That focuses on the histamine-degrading probiotics, too.



    Personal blog:
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    Just type SCD GAPS compliant in amazon's search bar, and it pops up. It's also by seeking health, so you could get it off their website too, but it's hard to beat amazon prime. I have also been trying keybiotics lately, which has a lot of great strains as well. That's actually quite similar to the SCD GAPS one, but I'll probably keep mixing it up. I'm about to try some fermented foods too. Should be interesting.
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