Nekter Juice Bar

After hearing Dave on the Joe Rogan Podcast I instantly was hooked on some of things he was saying. So I am giving it a try..I bought my BP Coffee, some pastured eggs, raw honey, grass fed butter, my butcher had grass fed ground buffalo (thoughts on buffalo?) and would be getting more beef in soon and jidori pastured chicken breasts..

I digress however.. Here in Southern California, there is a chain of juice bars called Nekter They make a bunch of different juices/smoothies/and bowl like items that seem to fit pretty well within the BP Diet.

I have been ordering the Acai Tropical bowl (Pineapple, banana, coconut butter, cashew nut milk, topped with banana, coconut flakes) [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]I have been ordering it without the bananas and adding Kale and strawberries to it. It tastes great and for breakfast its a great starter for the day. I was just wondering if anyone can help me identify a better item or am I just kidding myself that they have stuff that works in the diet.[/font]

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