Ciltep Or Nootropics For Migraines?

I have had severe migraines everyday for the past month, and it's pretty unfortunate since it slows my cognitive ability and work ethic down throughout the day. It started about 3 days before I experimented with quitting coffee for 20 days, so I don't believe its a withdrawal symptom, not sure though. I did go back to drinking coffee again because the migraines kept happening and to be honest I missed Bulletproof coffee so much, nothing has changed so far.


For those of you well versed in Nootropics, do you think CILTEP or any other nootropic will aid or relieve my migraine issue? Or possibly worsen it? I am looking for options here as I can't handle another day with this brick weighing down my head.


Appreciate it and all the best.


  • How's your magnesium?  Migranes are complicated, so beyond the obvious I'm not sure we have enough info.

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    Sudden large changes in Calcium or Potassium are typically how I get headaches. Maybe you need more salt and water. 


    Try massaging your masseter muscles of your jaw hard with your knuckles, it's supposed to kind hurt. 


    Or you might need to figure out what food additive is your trigger, certain soy sauces (MSG), artificial sweeteners...

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    @pizzabagel: I bought some magnesium bisglycinate yesterday and took about 900mg last night, and I do feel much better today, the migraine is not as prevalent. I'll see how the process goes. Thanks for the tip! :)


    @joegle: I definitely know that I get adequate water and salt, not sure about the Calcium and Potassium though. I did some massaging around my temple and jaw, but I will work it into my schedule more often. Thanks for the advice man.

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