My Rflp Schedule - A Three Week Experiment (Need Your Help, Please)

Hey Everyone!


I'll post my results from my three week fat-loss experiment here, but first I wanted to post the schedule I'll be using to see if I should be adjusting anything .  (Note: there's a chance I abandon the RFLP and switch to intermittent fasting with a protein/vegetable/butter dinner depending on how I feel.  I just had a concussion a week ago, so if I don't feel very good after a few days-a week, then I'll adjust in the interest of health). 


My Schedule:


10:00am (wake up time)

  • Immediately have 1/2 tsp of Lipoceutical Glutathione then start making coffee
  • About 20 minutes later, have a cup of BP coffee with 2tbs butter and 1/2 tsp brain octane with 4 betaine HCL caps (I'll work my way up on the brain octane, but so far it leaves me nauseous for two hours after taking it)
  • Take Vitamins C, K2, D, and Krill Oil, along with 5 grams BCAAs mixed in water (which is gross, by the way, haha)
  • I'll also add a few capsules of carlson fish oil to help with brain function after the concussion 

10:00am-about 12:30pm

  • Lay down, breathe or do whatever I can to fight nausea


  • Take 2-4 capsules of charcoal 


  • Take some L-glutamine as needed


  • Another cup of BP coffee with another 4 betaine HCL capsules


  • 5 Grams BCAAs


  • Charcoal caps


  • eat some butter

Before Bed (around 2am)

  • Take another 1/2 tsp of lipceutical gluathione 
  • Magnesium and potassium 



For the most part, it sticks to the recommended example given on the RFLP page, but does have a few differences (the page doesn't say when to take the second dose of lipceutical gluathione, and I added fish oil and a few more Betaine HCL caps to cope with stomach discomfort.  


Does this seem like a good plan?  Is 1 total TSP of the lipceutical gluathione per day ok? (that shit is expensive!)


Thanks so much everyone!!  I'll post results intermittently. 


  • Hi Mickles,

    From what I can see...your daily schedule looks good. It appears you are following Dave's recommendations for the RFLP.

    A couple of years ago I lost 28 pounds in 28 days. It was really easy after the first few (3-4) days. At about four days in...the hunger pangs dissappeared...the constant thoughts about food/eating went energy levels became pretty easy to stay the course.

    I have just started (4/28) again with the RFLP. I will do 2 weeks then switch to "IF" for 2 weeks (I will be out of town), then 4 weeks of RFLP.

    I'm lookin forward to seeing your updates regarding your results.

  • Hey, its good to see someone post about doing RFLP and saying they are doing the full supplement regiment.


    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.


    Age/sex? Starting weight/ measurements?

    How long were you eating BP before starting RFLP or what did your previous diet look like? 

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