Matcha Or Sencha Tea

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Researching the difference between the two right now.. Wondering if anyone has a preference or any input on the two? Probably will just order both and test them out, but wondering what the BP communities thoughts are. Also - If you have discovered any good brands for these teas that would be beneficial. 


  • I haven't tried matcha but I do love me a good quality sencha

  • I guess my main concern regardless of the difference between the two is to find a high quality brand. I don't want to get stuck with an inferior half ass product and not get the real deal.

  • I'm gonna go with matcha because there is no filtering. One less thing to wash.. saving 30seconds. Life hacking win.

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    Was directed to this website for any who has interest -



    - This e-mail in it's self already has made it worth it.


    Our packing specialist from Japan recited a special hymn, blessing the Matcha with its task of bestowing on its user the promise of a long, energised life.

    The Zen Green Tea team had a wonderful celebration where we all marched down the street to the post office, dancing and jumping with joy! All of Sydney was singing Bon Voyage to our wonderful Matcha in its packet on its way to you!

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    Matcha is the most concentrated form of green tea you can buy. It hast by far most antioxidants and (be careful here) lots teeanine because it is so concentrated. It kicks ass but it is expensive.

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  • First day on matcha: I got the big (10oz?) bag from Amazon, organic but grown in China FWIW


    mental clarity: Actually I feel better with cheap black tea (with butter and MCT). I felt some mental fog and slight headache today.. not sure if it related to the tea or other factors. Will stay on in a few days.


    Taste: still prefer black tea. Mycotoxin or not, I still love the taste of black tea with buttah. Maybe I didn't blend it enough or add enough butter. Will experiment with ratios.


    convenience: Awesome. no brewing, waiting, filters, or tea bags. just heat up the water, scoop and blend. Its like instant coffee but way more antioxidants 

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