Best Place For A Student Traveling To Sydney

I will be studying abroad next semester in Sydney, and I am looking for the best way to enjoy the city, get the university experience, and travel the continent in the most efficient (aka frugal) way possible.

Does anyone from Sydney have recommendations on which part of the city to live in? What are the best/safest neighborhoods?

I will be studying at the University of Sydney from March-July. Cheers

P.S. Am I due for an earthing mat? Anything else?

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  • Good Luck being frugal - don't mean to scare you but everything will cost more here.

    As you are going to Sydney Uni, anywhere close by will get you the full experience of living in Sydney. You will want to rent out or share a room cost wise or even look in to hostels / traveler accommodation. Newtown is a popular area close to the university and downtown is a short bus ride / medium walk away. Sydney has a lot of public transport so you will have no problem seeing the best the city as to offer.

    As for travel we do have well priced domestic flights but you will want to book them soon to get the cheapest fare otherwise they will jump up in price closer to when you are here. Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue are the largest carriers.

    Quite a few people from Sydney on here so I am sure others will chime in.
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    First time on travelling around Australia: it's bigger than it looks.

    You can't just drive to "the outback" for a day trip!

    Use and look for shared / student accomodation around Newtown, Glebe, Camperdown and Redfern areas. Redfern used to have a bad name, and one very small part of it is best avoided... BUT it has become VERY trendy and gentrified in the past few years. I was walking through there late one night after seeing a show, looking around and just expecting trouble.... the only people I saw were dudes wearing scarves in very early Autumn/Fall. I remember thinking "man, this place has changed!"

    It also depends on your "scene" too. Those areas listed are very close (walking distance) to Sydney Uni, but if you want to stay closer to the beach, instead of staying in a live music/alternative area - that's cool too, but you just have to travel a little further each day. Look at Bondi Beach.

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  • Wow, you guys are awesome!

    Thanks...I will keep you updated on where I end up and maybe we can have a Bulletproof pow wow

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