Anyone Try Calea Zachatechichi?

Does anyone have experience with this herb which is a sleep inducer, as well as promising more vivid dreams?




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    Ah, the sleep herb of the Aztecs, eh? No, can't say I've ever used it, but I've always wanted to. Back in the day, when I held an interest in lucid dreaming, I considered tracking some down. I hear it works well to increase the vividness of dreams as well as dream recall, possibly.

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  • I've also been interested in this particular herb. No experience with it. I would recommend tracking down a reputable seed/cutting supplier and growing it yourself.


    As for a herb I do have experience with which is a sleep aid/ relaxer is Passion flower (Passiflora incarnata). Its been one of my strongest "plant allies" going on 12 years. For me it is my most potent weapon against insomnia. 

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  • Interesting!  I have never even heard of passion flower!


    My experience with Calea (which I get from Kava Hawaii, check them out online) is that I do dream more vividly but I remember less.  I have never used it long enough to really be able to track down the exact effects and see if they change over time…  But it is interesting.

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