What Do You Think Is The Best Sleep Profiler?

I am looking for something simple.  Preferably a bracelet that I can use with my computer -- I don't have a smart phone and I don't use tablets.


I am interested in basically knowing how my sleep is each night, without super expensive machines.


Any ideas?  



  • There are cheap apps out there, I've got 'Sleep like an adroid' one that basically have you set your phone next to you and measures you tossing around at night graphing your deep sleep. 

    If I use it I try to set my phone on airplane mode to limit signals next to me (by the way does that setting really help eliminating radiowaves?)

  • ^  I think it probably does, but not as much as turning it off.  :)


    I don't have a smartphone, and I definitely don't like having a phone on as I sleep.

    So, I am still searching for a wrist one.  :)

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