Thyroid T4 Level High On Lchf

hello all


I been on lchf for 20 months, the reason i went lchf was to heal my fatty liver (diagnosed on ultrasound)


my health status is..hep c (approx 17 years)

                               gastritis since 2006 (duodenum and stomach) 

                               high blood pressure


im on meds for hbp

a recent blood panel revealed i had thyroid T4 level of 26 (normal range 10.00 - 22.00)

and TSH of 0.01 (normal range 0.30 - 5.50) almost non existent


I take so many supplements i wouldnt know if that would be the cause or if my woe is making my thyroid levels go high, i have started introducing carb nights monthly. I eat approx 50grams daily of low starch carbs (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach etc) 


currently doing paragon parasite cleanse (suggested by someone on curezone for gastritis symptoms) 

doing smartdrugs - alternating modafinil, aniracetam, noopept, piracetam (since taking smart drugs my regular brain fog issues have gone)

current supplements l-carnitine, co-q10, d-ribose, taurine, upgraded aging capsules, upgraded collegen, sugar free whey powder, 1ts resistant starch, vit c, vit d (when no sun), selenium, lugols iodine, upgraded glutathione

supplements for gastritis - cranberry, zinc carnosine, dgl, l-glutamine, magnesium chlorate


drugs - amlodipine 10mg candersarten 4mg (blood pressure meds) low dose naltrexone 3mg (private script) omeprazole 20mg as needed


i do bpc first thing in the morning with a smart drug and other supplements, i have pain in my side all the time which i manage with raw ginger, supplements mentioned all ready and omeprazole when i need it. Just wanted to get peoples feedback mainly on how I can get my thyroid levels back to normal without medication. 


other wellness stuff i do ASEA, PEMF (full body mat), Earthing, table inversion, exercise most days, 





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