First off, what exactly is stacking?





Is it just combining supplements for optimal mental performance?



  • yes, and more specifically combining nootropics

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    Stacking is when you create a "stack" of supplements/nootropics/chemicals/drugs. Basically it is taking several nootropics together to achieve a synergistic and boosted effect. I personally believe that if you're going to take nootropics, and if you want to see pronounced effects that you should take it in a stack.


    There's plenty of stacks out there, and once you've taken Nootropics for long enough you'll end up coming up with a few of your own over the course of a year or few months. I know that just this last semester I came up with about 3 different nootropic stacks that I would take for a variety of purposes. Whether it was for work, to find work, study, take an exam, or going to a meeting/interview.


    The easiest way to build a stack is to add each component by itself so that you can notice the effects and benefits from each item that you add, if it doesn't work for you at all. I've had a few stacks "break" after adding something to it, so doing it one at a time gives you a clearer perception as to what could be effecting your stack.

    If you want I can help you with building your first stack, all I'd need to know is what nootropics you are interested in, and mainly what your goal is through taking nootropics.


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