Higher Carbs, Ketosis And Bulletproof If

Hi guys, recently I started eating 100 grams of white rice at dinner, coming from half a year of looow carbs with weekly refeeds I must say that I feel better, and I look better too (thank you water retention). my macros are 65%fat 20%protein 15% carbs

So, I've got 2 questions: i stop eating at 20pm, drink coffee with butter at 7 am and start eating again at 14 pm, am I in ketosis while in "fasted (700 calories from butter lol)" state?

and, does bulletproof if raise HGH like plain IF? thank you


  • Everyone enters ketosis a little differently. I can tell you I would definitely be in ketosis if I did that, since it's very easy for me to do so. You probably would be, but you'll have to test it for yourself to be sure.

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  • CycloneCyclone rich in satisfats
    There is no am/pm on a 24 hour clock.

    A lot of people wouldn't be in ketosis eating 100g carbs per day, but you're definitely burning primarily fats for energy. This is what Mark Sisson calls the easy weight maintenance level of daily carbs.

    If you feel good and aren't trying to lose more weight I say stick with it.
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