Evan Brand's Rem Rehab

Has anyone read this book/guide?


I am tempted to buy it. But it seems like Dave and this forum cover a lot on sleep and I'm not sure if it will be worth the $27 price tag. 


  • I have a copy of the book and I must say it is professionally researched and written with useful information. However if you have read up a lot about sleep hacks already you may already know the information, having said that it's great to have all the content in one place rather than having to read through forums or blog posts. I recommend it !

    To inform your decision below is a list of the chapters in the book:

    Chapter 1 - intro types of sleep, are you getting enough,

    Chapter 2 - implications of low quality sleep

    Chapter 3 - making positive changes for quality sleep, what's working for and against you

    Chapter 4 - eating for sleep

    Chapter 5 - optimising your sleep environment

    Chapter 6 - revamp your routine

    Chapter 7 - hacking your hibernation
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    The book is worth the money, it does have a lot of information in it and Evan worked really hard on it. I've read it good stuff.

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