Information On The Aging Process Of Meat

Hello, I was watching Dave Asprey's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience and he was talking about the benefits of having your meat frozen quickly (2 days after being killed where the meat is let bloodlet in a controlled environment). I was trying to find further information on the pros and cons of certain aging/not aging processes with meats and it was difficult to find in a google search. Does anyone know where I might be able to research this further?

Also at what point does aging introduce the molds significantly? Is it after 10 days? After 14? Does dry aging vs wet aging vs other aging processes factor in?

Also what is meant when someone refers to meat being grass fed AND finished, as opposed to just being grass fed?

One supplier of organic beef I was looking at said their beef was mostly grass fed and was fed barley only to entice the cows to move to another feed and discontinued after they moved. Is THAT significant?

-thanks for your help, Luke


  • I think I can answer the grass-fed / grass finished part. There are operations that will raise the cows on grass, which is good, then move them to another location and finish them off with grain. A short time on grain will undo all the good of having been raised on grass. You want grass-finished.
  • I heard about this a couple of weeks ago on a podcast Dave was on, tbh I wouldn't lose to much sleep over it. I imagine its close to impossible for us to do what Dave does. Because I was talking to one of my mum's friends who is a slaughterman and he says at his place nothing gets hung and its just a production line with the cows coming in and then going out in vacuum packs, but I imagine all the meat he handles is all the crap stuff we want to avoid, so that rules that out.

    So were left with the local butchers who hang all there meat. I was trying to get back into Beef, but the place were I get it from says they hang it for 28 days, then I noticed there Lamb gets hung but only for 10 days, so have been getting that instead, with the logic that if it does get moldy it wont be as moldy as that Beef image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> .
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  • Goose: ya that makes sense, I'm not too concerned about it really I'm possibly going to try buying some lambs or portions of cows from some local suppliers where I can actually request that stuff, but for now I'm eating organic beef which is mostly fed on grass and only fed a bit of barley to move it to another field, and as far as I know the aging process is about ten days. I still feel pretty good and am getting great results on the bulletproof diet, so I'm not really going to worry about it.

    -thanks for your help guys, Luke
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