Grass Fed Chicken

I haven't been able to find it in grocery stores in NYC. Does anybody else have problems finding it? Is organic chicken a good alternative? Is there a big difference between grass fed and regular chicken? I know the difference between beef is large according to all the podcasts and blog posts, but they don't seem to talk about chicken too much, besides saying the leaner stuff is better. Also, any recipes for chicken would be great, I've been mostly doing stir fry's with coconut oil and different curries but get tired of eating the same foods all the time.


  • Chickens in the wild wouldn't eat grass...they might eat a little bit...but they are more interested in bugs, insects, scraps and even grains...

    This is why they aren't the ideal meat to be eating. With that said, I still eat chicken twice a week or so, cause its delicious and feels very digestible/works well with me.

    Just make sure your buying free range at the bare minimum...
  • If you're going to eat chicken, don't eat the skin. The breasts are quite lean...drown them in butter to get some good fats in there.
  • I was quite surprised how much grass my chickens had been eating, the only way I found out was off-course by cutting open their gizzards!.. Was mostly grass/greenery mixed in with the bugs and "healthy wholegrains" they also devour any kitchen scraps that come from me being picky about my salad.
  • How to cook chicken thighs cant find any recipes, i have had gf lamb and beef and wild salmon already i dont want to waste the chicken. ..any ideas
  • Chicken from US WELLNESS MEATS is delicious, as are their other products.

  • Having raised chickens, also my Grandmother raised chickens her entire life, just for our family for eggs and such, I think he is referring to "free range chickens", rather than production farm raised in a cage chickens. I don't know of any farmers who do not feed their chickens, even if they are free-range and most get their feed from the local co-op or feed store, which means large helpings of cracked corn and a small amount of laying mash. In the summer you can let your chickens free-range out in the yard and yes, they will eat grass, bugs, rocks, leaves, small rodents, birds, each other, etc. (Funniest thing was watching the hens fight over a mouse that ran out of the feed bin. They would rip it to shreds and fight over it.)

    So, I don't know ANY WAY you could EVER find "grass fed" chickens, unless someone cruelly locked them in a cage and just shoveled in grass and hay -- not healthy for the chickens. There is little to no grass for them to eat in the winter, so they must be fed, even if let free range. Organic, hormone free, is probably the closest you'll get. I'd be suspicious of anyone who claimed to offer otherwise.

  • these aren't "recipes" just comments on different things.

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