Does Kombucha Fits In The Diet?

Hi everyone,

I just started the diet and I wonder if Kombucha drinks such as Sinergy fits in the diet? what you guys think about this drink?????

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  • Dave has said in the past that it is hit or miss with fermented food. It depends on if temperature variation and EMF have pissed the bacteria off or not. Also, if one has a pure batch of kombucha, of if other things have grown in it as well.

    Personally, I drink those synergy kombuchas once or twice a week maybe. My reasoning (hope?) is that this will give me some good gut bateria strains, but maybe I shouldnt drink it at all. Others?
  • I've had the same question about kefir. I've only recently discovered Dave's work and am an instant fan but have a hard time letting go of kombucha and kefir.
  • I brew my own kombucha using high quality green tea, filtered water, and organic turbinado sugar. Just add "the mother" and that's really all there is to it. It's vinegry, reminiscent of apple cider vinegar (which is on the green side of the bulletproof spectrum). It's got green tea, which is also very good for you. Almost all of the sugar has been digested by the time I drink it. That's the only part that may be bad for you. I don't have a sweet tooth and really take in very very little sugar on a daily basis. I think the health benefits outweigh the sugar intake, for me anyway.
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