Candida Cleanse Without Weight Loss?

Hi Everyone!


I'm new to Bulletproof and have a burning question that I would love answers to from some of you well-educated health enthusiasts out there!


The short version of the question:

How to be sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free (except for butter) (as a woman) and NOT lose any more weight?


Some background:


I am a 35 yo woman with two young kids. I gained 60 pounds with both of my pregnancies, and over 18 months post-natal, lost all of it plus a little more with a low-carb and low-sugar diet heavier in clean protein, and with exercise (and breastfeeding). Recently found bulletproof and am trying to incorporate more of the good fats. I'm a yoga teacher, but not hot yoga or power yoga or anything like that--more of a moderate, deep breathing and spiritual approach to yoga. I'm now happy with my weight and would like to maintain it while building a little (not a lot) more muscle. I recently started totally sugar, gluten and dairy-free to try to cleanse candida and boost my mental and emotional performance but the problem is that I keep losing weight even when I eat all I can. Believe me, when I'm not on this diet, that is never a problem for me and I tend to be someone who with a more standard diet can put on 10+ pounds very easily.


The symptoms I am trying to eliminate with this diet are:


Brain fog



At times the past few months these symptoms have been so intense that I felt I could hardly function, let alone play with my kids, teach yoga and write my book. Sounds like candida, right?


I've had a few days of feeling good, and a few of feeling really, really awful since eliminating sugar, dairy and wheat (about a week ago) and am hoping that that's the candida die-off. BPC is delicious and I have a cup or two every morning (with coconut oil and butter until my MCT shows up in the mail), but I am hungry by 10:00 or so and for the past few days have been letting myself have eggs at that point--again, because I just want to feel better and not lose more weight.


I'm not into BP supplements yet but take a good multi, fish oil, Vit D3, and Vit C. 


Thanks for any help!






  • Podcasts #94 and #95 (Dave and Steve Fowkes) might help you sort out why you're not feeling as well as you could.  Approximately 70% of the population are over alkaline and this leads to brain fog, sleepiness and fatigue at the wrong time of day.  Check the pH of your urine regularly to see if this applies to you.  If so, keep foods that make you more alkaline  for later in the day.  This has made a huge improvement for my energy and well being.

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    Have you been / are you eating some starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and white rice? Very few people can function on very low carb indefinitely without regular refeeds. Carb refeeds are part of the Bulletproof diet. 


    If those count as sugar (because they will eventually be digested into sugars) I'd be careful. I've crashed from going too low carb for too long with exercise. It sucks. 


    The symptoms you mention could just be from going too low-carb, not candida. Or from adrenal fatigue, in which case Bulletproof Coffee and intermittent fasting would make it worse. I started my journey by going low-carb, and felt great, but over time I've learned carbs aren't the enemy, and we really need them. Some types of carbs are the enemy. 

  • Right on, every body is different. After experimenting I know for a fact I need a carb refeed every two days. That is taking into consideration, the size of my body and the amount of exercise I do. If you are doing very little exercise, you can push a carb refeed back to more than three days, but if you are exercising, your body really needs and treasures those carbs.. 


    it sound like you are using a microscopic amount of butter in your coffee. 


    Butter is the bomb don't hold back. The more you have the longer you will feel full and satiated. 


    I have peaked at around 125 grams and that keeps me full from 8am to usually past 3pm.. 


    so my advice would be add more butter and really dont be scared of it. 


    But these posts are right, you could be having minor adrenal fatigue symptoms from denying yourself carbs.. So like most others on this forum, I would say, every two days eat some white rice or sweet potato until you feel comfortable! 

  • Hi Everyone,


    Thanks for the ideas and advice. I'm using a lot of butter and oil in my coffee and am still hungry! Maybe try adding collagen? I haven't tried that yet. Just got the Brain Octane in the mail so I'll put that in tomorrow morning. I will definitely look into adrenal fatigue and I probably do have blood sugar issues. The last several days I've been having white rice most days with dinner. I've had days of feeling great so far on BP but several (like today) where I feel awful again/still. But the fatigue, irritability and brain fog were definitely there way before I started BP and even when I was doing only moderate low carb--and that's what led me to the Candida cleanse and BP as a whole. Hopefully this passes soon! I want to feel great all the time! 

    Also, does anyone else find that even with high fat diet you still have cravings? I do--chocolate (I haven't been able to find a sugar-free alternative that I like--stevia is disgusting to me), crackers, and bread are my top three cravings!


    Thanks again!

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    Candida can become adapted to ketones, so it is not a good idea to be in ketosis if you have candida. According to Paul Jaminet, candida that has become adapted to ketones is more likely to become systemic, so be careful and eat some safe carbs every day. I don't think it is possible to starve candida (contrary to popular opinion). You are supposed to use herbal anti-fungals, biofilm disruptors, and soil based organisms to get rid of it.  


    If you haven't actually been tested to have candida and the candida die off was just a theory, then ignore this post, you may be fine!


    I am still struggling with candida that was made worse by low carb diet. 

  • I'm in a similar situation. Dealing with candida, not having enough energy on the low carb diet, doing a lot of detoxing, and losing weight when I don't need to. One food I found to be great to give me carbs and more energy without feeding the candida is butternut squash. I found this recipe

    But I omit the honey and just add a little coconut oil in the topping to make it more moist. (I also use grass fed ghee instead of butter) It's really good for breakfast.
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