Glutathione & Alcohol - When To Take?

I am going on a stag party next week and wondered when to take glutathione to reduce hangovers.


I've seen the info graphic at but am unsure when to take. Before drinking? After drinking? Morning after?


Anyone have any experience?

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  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    Instead of? Just kidding.

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  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    I've done it after drinking, before bed with OK results. Morning after doesn't work as well for me, as I believe you spend too much time already hungover in your sleep. Before/during drinking could make it somewhat harder to get drunk off the alcohol you are consuming, which is counter-productive assuming you are drinking to get drunk / keep pace with your friends. Charcoal might be the better option during, as you still get drunk off the ethanol but avoid some of the other stuff, it's sort of a slightly cleaner-feeling drunk. 


    But shouldn't you be just as hungover as your friends, for hateful morning solidarity? When I've been hungover I absolutely loathe that one perky, cheerful friend. You want to be that guy?

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