Bp Coffee And Caffeine Sensitivity

Hello all. I have a question regarding BR Coffee: I was born with a heart murmur, and while it closed up early in my childhood, a few years ago I began having heart palpitations after drinking caffeinated beverages (directly related to the murmur). I quit consuming caffeine when I was in my mid teens, and now in my early-mid twenties, I can barely take a gulp of coffee without noticing the effects -- almost like a full on body high, and getting to sleep that night is impossible. At larger intake, my heart starts palpitating to the point I get nauseous.

I have been paleo off and on over the past year and wanted to start easing into the BP diet and, ideally, BP sleep. My question before I move forward is should I expect the same sort of reactions on BP Coffee until I develop a tolerance to the caffeine?
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