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Mycotoxin is a word I have known for little less than 48 hours. I have been reading up on the posts in the forum/blog, and watching the videos. I am very curious about Mycotoxins coming from other places. One of the videos referenced the fact that bleach can actually provide moisture to some molds. So....

Is there a shampoo, or soap, or shaving cream that is less intrusive, or more helpful? Growing up my mother was EXTREMELY sensitive to detergents and bleach. We used specific soap brands to eliminate reactions. I have definitely noticed that some brands of cleaners cause reactions in myself. My biggest reaction to some chemicals are the odors, which causes asthmatic symptoms (although much less now then when I ate a conventional diet).

Is there any substance to these thoughts, or are soaps and other household products fairly safe; or is the issue with these products not related to mycotoxins at all, but another category? :?:


  • Hi Jedaro,

    The reactions to the cleaners is probably because the cleaners themselves are highly toxic. One of the big difficulties with mold is that there's not much that kills mold that doesn't also kill human cells.
  • One of the things we are hearing is to "listen to your body". It sounds like you are already doing that.

    I have switched to Dr Bronners soap. ( ...I'm not affiliated in any way) It now fills all my hand dispensers including the shower. It also has a great smell!
  • So... I guess my questions are: Are their types/brands that are less toxic? One suggestion I have been considering and have tried a few times is coconut oil for hair/skin. Is that better than XYZ shampoo/conditioner? Most of the soaps available now are antibacterial, and we buy the ones that have nice smells. Is it better to use things without the odors?

    I'm also thinking along the lines of will the shaving cream I'm using leave me more susceptible? Is the shaving cream harboring mycotoxins? A better question might be, are the common everyday things that we use a source of mycotoxin? Or are the toxins in soaps/chemicals completely unrelated to mycotoxins?

    I apologize if my thought process is not making any sense. Thanks also for the quick replies!
  • Hey Jedaro,

    Correct me if im going the wrong way with this... But im getting the impression that when they say 'bleach can actually provide moisture to some molds'. They mean that molds that can make mycotoxins can grow on any damp surface, even the moisture left behind after disinfecting a area with bleach.

    I think mycotoxins are usually only absorbed through the skin if your in direct contact with something that has the mold growing on it.

    Heres a link to some useful info that i found on it :)
  • Thank you very much for all of the replies. I am definitely in to the diet (9 days straight with bullet proof coffee, just started the salt water, and going to be purchasing the MCT and Collagen asap!)

    I think I have another way to put this...I read somewhere that using standard mouthwash and toothpaste can actually kill the "good" flora in your mouth. So, although it is nice to walk around with minty fresh breath, it would be more beneficial to use a "natural" product that creates an ideal environment for the good bacteria etc. To generalize, are the soaps we are using (not just to clean the granite or carpet, but ourselves) more helpful or harmful?

    Also, I found a "vegetable/fruit wash" from Trader Joes that has the grapefruit seed oil and some other additives. I know Dave mentioned vodka and grapefruit seed extract (different from the oil correct?) I also read that someone adds the grapefruit seed oil to raw eggs. How much, and how would you mix this? Extract or oil?

    Thanks again!
  • I love the title of this thread! Since discovering the website I have definitely developed mycotoxaphobia... My wife thinks its late onset OCD as I spend more time reading labels than I do actually shopping!

    "you bought coffee from WHERE? What's wrong with the instant in the cupboard?"
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