Vitamin A Toxicity

Hey I was hoping to get some guidance on vitamin A. I eat up to four whole eggs a day, take cod liver oil (maybe around 4 tsp - 20g a day carlson's), and am considering using grass fed butter. The problem is this can put vitamin A levels easily over double the recommended daily values and since it is fat soluble this can add up over time and become toxic. I have read there are synergistic properties with vit A and D but these debates can get long and convoluted.

Does anyone have any practical advice or know if this is really a concern. Would I be better off using krill oil and D3 supplement instead of cod liver oil to reduce vit A? or reducing the amount of whole eggs? Should I monitor levels with blood tests (vancouver heads how can we do this??)

I feel great the way I am eating now, inflammtion from injuries goes away quickly and I am steadily losing weight while consistently maintaning high energy levels when training.

Thoughts and resources are all welcome, thanks!


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