Bulletproof On A Budget

I'm super excited to eat a bulletproof diet. I live in KS and started shopping at my Fresh Market and Natural Grocers. Kind of expensive but worth it, I understand. Any suggestions on what to eat a lot of that's less expensive or where to shop?


  • where's KS? somewhere in the US? If it is or in the UK as well try buying supplements on amazon.com or some other online retailer to save more there... If you can find a friend (to split it with) or freeze a bunch of meat buy portions of cows or whole lambs from local farmers who can raise the animals to order. Organic veggies are inexpensive overall, but find a farmer's market or a specialty product place, because you may find better quality and prices than regular grocery stores. Costco or walmart I think have a few of the fat sources (olive oil and coconut oil mainly) where you may find it meeting the quality standards in the Bulletproof Diet.

    Hope that helps!
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    I work about 80 hrs/wk and live in a small apartment, so its hard to buy in bulk. Here's what I've been doing to stay on a budget.

    Buy the 5lb bags of bulletproof coffee from bulletproof.com. This works out to $15/lb or $11.25 per 12oz bag. This is actually about the same price as most premium coffee. I get 8oz packages of kerrygold butter at Whole Foods for $3, which lasts me a week. MCT oil costs me $29 and lasts me at least a month in coffee and salad dressings. This works out to something like $3/day for breakfast.

    For lunch get cold smoked wild sokeye salmon at Trader Joe's. 8oz for $8 and lasts all week. Add a dozed soft-boiled pastured eggs from whole foods ($6.50) and some organic salad greens. Less than $4/day for lunch.

    For dinner, make recipes based around organic veggies (like soups) and grass-fed ground beef (meatloaf). Whole Foods even has grass-fed hot dogs which I go to once in a while because they're pretty cheap and very easy. If you don't mind some repetition, its pretty easy to keep it to about $5/day for dinner.

    I recommend Dave's $10 ebook for some good ideas about recipes.
  • It definitely gets expensive. Here's where we save money

    Dr. Friedlanders MCT for my BP coffee, but NOW MCT for cooking and shakes (50% price).

    Order multiple MCT oils at a time to save on shipping. Bulletproof.com charges $12 shipping for one item or more than one (Amazon shows good savings as well)

    Buy meat in buik. At least 30 lb at a time to get the best prices on grass-fed. This requires research, ans you won't find bulk prices at most grocery stores

    Eat lots of eggs. Even pastured eggs at $6/dozen are cheap compared to everything else.

    Lindt 90% chocolate is very cheap at Wal Mart

    Prices for Kerry Gold vary greatly from place to place. $5.69 at Safeway in the Phoenix area, $3.69 at Sprouts, and $2.99 at Trader Joe's. We buy 20 at a time and freeze it.
  • Any idea how to buy meat in bulk in NYC? Are there cow shares? I haven't found any.
  • 'gramercy' wrote:
    Any idea how to buy meat in bulk in NYC? Are there cow shares? I haven't found any.

    You can order it online from many places if there isn't anything near you. I just used http://www.alderspring.com/

    Also, I visited New Hampshire a while back and they have tons of cheap grass-fed beef. If you have a freezer might be worth a trip.
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