If To Rflp - Documenting Progress

Hi All,

So at the end of this week I will be switching from the Bulletproof IF diet to the full on RFLP for 4 weeks, just waiting for the supplements to arrive. I have been on the IF diet for the last 2 weeks and have already noticed a huge change in my energy levels, reactions to different foods and even dropped 1 belt notch. Even if I do get some strange looks from the housemates as I drop a huge chunk of butter in the coffee!


I've seen a lot of threads where people have started this but not so many on those who have stuck with it and their experiences along the way so I will try to document everything. The plan is to list daily my weight, BMI and Body Fat Percentage at 6:00am. I will also do a ketone measurement every few days to check when I am in ketosis. I will post my current stats in the morning, may as well get in the habit early. 


I will be sticking to the diet as closely as possible. The only changes will be very minor changes to the times I am taking the different supplements so it fits around my work schedule. I will be doing minimal exercise just a HIIT session on the re-feed days and then lots of walking for the rest of the week. I will take the number of steps from my Fitbit app on my phone. 


Also a big thanks to Carlosis who suggested I jump on this. We work together and I have seen first hand the effect the IF diet can have on someone. Looking forward to the morning BP coffee at work and everyone else joining in!  






  • Hi All, so after a weigh in this morning (before BP coffee) and my current stats are - 


    Age - 27

    Height - 6'4 (193cm)

    Weight - 110kg (242lbs)

    Fat - 31%

    BMI - 29.5


    My goal is to get back down to about 85kg (approx 15% body fat at the time) as this was my slimmest, although I think this is a big ask for a 1 month experiment.

  • Good luck tom!  I did my best to document my experience with this as I did a 2 week run on RFLP about two months ago with great success.  Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to take your charcoal!!!

    " All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off "

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