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  • Hi everyone!


    I am 53 and have been Bulletproofing for about 3 months. I LOVE the coffee and have enjoyed three cups a day since I started. However, I have noticed that I am up several pounds and my belly is getting fatter. I have decided to cut back on the number of BP cups with butter in the am since it has to be what is causing me to gain weight.


    I am 5' 6 1/2" and now weigh142 lbs. I used to be around 135 and liked it much better.  I power walk 2 miles a day and then do JJ Virgin's bursting routine three times a week. I wish the BP diet had worked better for me.


    I studied the forum as much as I could and learned a lot about the supplements, although I had been taking most of them already as prescribed by my doctor. She now has me on a "fix your gut" regimen since we did a NutriEval and my absorption is non-existent.


    Anyway, nice to meet all of you  ☺

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    I am so glad to see even more contributors to this very special group! I want to provide a brief update on my BP efforts. Against Dave's advice, I began my journey on the RFL Protocol. My thinking was that experiencing rapid weight loss would ease the symptoms of such a drastic change to my previous way of eating. Over a period of eight days, I lost 10 lbs. I was thrilled with this benefit of RFL, but was unable to continue after the eight days. Either the combination of Kerrygold butter and MCT caused me to experience nausea or the MCT contributed to nausea. By the 8th day, I had cut the MCT to 1/4 teaspoon, and still felt ill. Dave warned about the loss of energy, but I thought that I could handle this aspect. I could not. My mind was clear and "busy," but I was in a constant state of tiredness, some listlessness, occasional dizziness, and experienced general malaise. You must remember, though, that I am on a journey to lose 70 lbs. I am glad that I tried the RFL Protocol, but I think it probably works best for those who can lose the desired weight quickly (fewer pounds than my goal!) and then transition to the BP IF. In similar forums, readers had wondered why others who wrote about planning to follow the RFL Protocol failed to report progress or lack of it. Perhaps some of these people equate a detour with failure. I am feeling stronger now, and plan to begin the more modest BP IF. I hope to share an update soon concerning my journey. I know you wish me well!

  • I'm 67, practiced Bikram yoga for 10 years.  It's time for a major change.   No hesitation, the diet.  I found BulletProof at East West Acupuncture in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I work out of San Jose, California in Silicon Valley.  I'm excited.  I go by my intuition and it says YES!.  We all need support and it will be in this forum.  I'm growing and okay to change. Using body code emotion releasing with practitioner.  Amazing how we store invisible trapped emotions in our bodies.  More amazing, I found this forum and the diet etc.  Thank you so much. Zoe Zane

    I live in San Jose and practiced Bikram and still do! What a small world. I'm 54 and being BP works for me. I do add more rice and sweet potatoes because I'm losing more weight than I want to. Glad I found this thread.

    Mary Ann

  • I live in San Jose and practiced Bikram and still do! What a small world. I'm 54 and being BP works for me. I do add more rice and sweet potatoes because I'm losing more weight than I want to. Glad I found this thread.


    I have stalled for what seems like months! Do you use BP coffee and/or eat lots of good fats? Looks like I have to count calories or come up with a magic potion.

  • I have stalled for what seems like months! Do you use BP coffee and/or eat lots of good fats? Looks like I have to count calories or come up with a magic potion.

    I drink BPC most mornings at 6am. I try and buy grass fed beef when it's on sale, but our local New Leaf has non GMO fed beef that I get when I'm being frugal. I get wild caught salmon at Target. I put Kerrygold on meals and use Dave's upgraded whey powder in smoothies.

    My weight stays stable because I tend to eat less, and I'm on bio identical hormones. That alone has kept me from getting over my comfortable weight.
  • I am excited to see this thread. I have just decided to try the BP diet plan, still haven't gotten my coffee (just ordered it recently) so I'm doing BP-ish coffee with butter and coconut oil (as close as I can get for the moment). My partner (who is usually not concerned that much with the quality of his food...thank goodness I'm the one who does the shopping and cooking or we would be eating food out of cans and boxes all the time!) even watched a few of the podcasts with me and was impressed by Dave...so that's encouraging too :) Obviously I am brand new to this forum and to the BP diet. I am hoping to lose the extra weight around my middle and generally feel more energized and focused. I'm 53 years old...still in peri-menopause but not complaining too much about that because so far it's not been too difficult. I suppose my parents have in a way been the inspiration for me to be focused on staying healthy since my Dad died of cancer a number of years ago and my 76 year old Mom now needs either a cane (on a good day) or a walker (not so good day) to get around. I plan to stay healthy and active until I draw my last breath! I'm also going to introduce my Mom to at least the BP coffee and (if she is open to it) the other aspects of the BP diet when I visit her in a few weeks, it would be great if she could benefit also. Since I'm doing some of the cooking and shopping while I'm at her house I'll make sure we have plenty of good fats, protein, and veggies in our meals :)

  • Good to hear from you, Sanssoucish! Thank you for joining the thread. You will love the coffee, but will also find that you don't have to spend that much to get great (even better) coffee than Daves. I have found great roasters on coffeereview.com


    My favorite is Paradise Roasters. Wow, that have GREAT tasting coffee and the more you buy, the way lower the price is. Just awesome. You'll get all that foamy stuff on the top of your coffee, just like Dave says :D


    As for the diet, I don't have butter coffee UNLESS I'm fasting. It's too much. We really have to have way more vegetalbes and fruits in our diets -- smoothies are great. Have found a combination of the principles found in Whole 30 diet, BRAGG's Apple Cider Vinegar and fasting regimens or even Tim Ferris' work plus what Dave is talking about works for me -- I shake 'em up and have recently found that a 24 hour fast on two days a week works wonders. I don't eat (but drink a lot of water and vegetalbe broth --see Mark Hyman) from noon to noon is easy to do. And I FEEL great!

  • Thanks DrSeno - I will certainly check out Paradise Roasters. I have been a coffee drinker since I was a kid, I used to sneak sips of my parents coffee when I was a  little kid because I liked the taste so much. I haven't tried fasting for a long time, so I may give that a try at some point. Right now I'm having my BP-ish coffee for breakfast, just one cup, and I'm not putting as much butter in it as Dave does. So far it's kept me satisfied until 1 or 2 pm when I have a light lunch. I have been putting some Braggs ACV in my water once or twice a day, haven't looked at the podcast with Tim Ferris yet but it's on my list :)

  • Thank you, Mary and gcarlet! My main question is whether or not the Bulletproof protocol ("as is") is effective for women over 60. I was hoping to read the Bulletproof experiences of women in this age range. If the Bulletproof protocol doesn't generally equate with weight-loss success in women over 60, I am certainly willing to accept that. Since I plan to follow the BP protocol-even without guidance from others' experiences-, perhaps my experience will help someone else in the future. Thanks for your encouragement!


    Hi Schoolmarm-

    I am 41 but had a medically induced menopause in my late 20's. I really wish I'd known then what I've discovered the past few years. That being said, recent research by Jeff Volek, RD, PhD and Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD points to positive results with menopausal women on ketogenic diets. It's a hair different than Bulletproof. The main factor being that carbohydrates are completely eliminated (outside of vegetables). Good luck!

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  • Hello everyone, 


    I wrote another post on a fairly active thread regarding the book "No Fail Fat Burning for Women" (see post before mine, By Skye St. John). Instead of writing a whole new post, I've cut and pasted by way of introduction. 


    I have had severe health problems these past 3+ years and I am currently on short term disability. I have a laundry list of issues but I am under the care of a wonderful Integrative/functional medicine doctor (this past year) and we have slowly been addressing underlying issues rather like peeling the layers of an onion. 


    A few things we have addressed: SIBO, Leaky Gut, and heavy metals. I have just finished 8 rounds of bi-weekly detox with dmsa. I have done the elimination diet, got an Alcat test and eliminated those foods and on and on. (I have also been taking Armour thyroid for about 5 years now)


    I have a significant amount of fat to lose. At one point I just stopped losing weight no matter what I did in addition, insult to injury, I blew up a fast additional rapid 40lbs . My doctor assures me that once we sort out all my issues it should start coming off. 


    Recently, My husband needed to lose a few pounds so went low carb (I was already off gluten) where he easily loses while I on the other hand do not. But, I have taken advantage of his diet. I also, added in some carbs (usually white rice) about 2 days a week so I wouldn't get discouraged about not losing any weight. 


    I am a biohacker and read everything I can (I'm obsessed, so my husband thinks  :smile: ). I stumbled upon Bulletproof coffee a few months ago and love, Love LOVE! it. I bought Dave's book and wanted to see what my fellow gender were saying about it when I came across the No Fail Fat Burning for Women thread.  I highly recommend Skye's book. 


    Lastly: I am 60 years old and I have been in Menopause for 3 years. 



  • so glad there is 50 + forum - I am sure issues are different for women and different again for those who are menopausal and post menopausal.

    interested to hear how you are all going - am 57  in Australia am an artist (usually making big sculpture) - which means I might sit in front of computer for weeks and then be intensely physical for days or months... with pushing deadlines. Been using BP for only week now but maybe have been too over enthusiastic with lowering carbs ( I can be an all or nothing girl) and am getting keto flu symptoms ( achy cold stomach mainly)


    Be interested to hear how many cabs you girls take and when you have it in the day - rice, sweet potato???

  • So glad to see other boomers here. I've been LCHF for the last 5 months and just started the BP way of life three days ago. I had  lost 27 pounds over the last few months but have gone down veryyyy slowly, so, when I started this plan I wasn't really looking for a weight shift, I just wanted to feel better. What a surprise! Even though I'm not eating that differently I think that the IF and lack of dairy has been responsible for the three pounds I've dropped lickety-split. I'm hoping that at the end of the two weeks I will have more to rejoice about. I am looking forward to watching this forum and catching a lot of inspiration!

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    OH, YAY!!!  I love this forum! 

    I am 54, and also want to lose 70 pounds.  I have not been active or fit - in fact I have yo-yo'd for decades.  This appealed to me for a few reasons, one being I love coffee, and also because I don't normally get hungry until 1 pm anyway.   After menopause, I find that I am unable to lose weight.  So I'm hoping this does it for me.


    Schoolmarm - why did you say that the RFLP was "against Dave's advice"?  I planned to start that today, only to discover I am short 2 of the supplements, and it seems like they are KEY.  When they arrive, I have every intention of trying it.  I'm sorry it didn't work out for you!  I'm thinking if it doesn't work out for me, I'll just continue the BP diet as is. 


    Thanks for starting this thread !!!  

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    Greer -

    As I understand it, rice and sweet potatoes are once a week on carb re-feed days.   That day is also a protein-fast day.  I have seen posts warning to keep fat to a minimum that day, as well. 


    If I'm wrong, please, someone speak up - but I think I've got it!

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    Seen Pat Benatar, Anne and Nancy Wilson and Chrissie Hynde all recently.  All sound terrific and go out there and give it all they got on stage and all in the 60's

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