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  • YAY!   Hi friends.  I'm a boomer girl, too.  The last 3 years have not been fun body-wise.  My hormones plummeted or sky-rocketed - whicher way they weren't supposed to be going, and I'm borderline low thyroid with most of the symptoms.  My doctor does have me on one bioidentical hormone but will not treat me for the low thyroid.   We were eating an 80/20 paleo diet. . .meaning that the marjority of our meals were paleo, but we were not strict about it when eating out or on a lazy day.  I started with BCP a few weeks ago (even to the point that I traveled to another country for Christmas and took my tiny blender, GF butter and Brain Octane oil) and have just started following the No Fail Fat Burning For Women by Skye St John today.  I love how it takes the BP diet and tweeks it for women.


    Yes, dropping the weight I've gained over the last 3 years would be wonderful, but mostly I want my WOW back.  I sleep great and can easily sleep 8 or 9 hours at night and still  need a nap during the day.  I want my energy back, my initiative and my lean body back.  I used to be a gym rat and walked marathons, and I long for the energy level and desire to return.  Exercising now is a chore.  How sad is THAT??? 


    Anyway, I'm thrilled to have found fellow boomer girls who wanna be BULLETPROOF!  YAY for us for taking charge of our health, wellness and AWESOMENESS!!


    Oh, I'm 55, 5' 8 1/2" and 155-ish pounds (major fluctuations)  I feel better at 138 pounds.  I have a small frame, short body and long legs -  and the 20-ish pounds I've gained are all around my middle.    I look like a baked potato with toothpicks for legs right now.  LOL! 

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    Greetings to all of us 'slightly over the hill but wanna be rocking it' crowd.  I am 54, Hashimoto's (autoimmune hypothyroid) sufferer who is also prone to adrenal fatigue.  Since staring thyroid meds (Armour) in 2007, I have steadily gained 20lbs in weight, killed my bodyfat percentage (went from 19% at 46 to likely 30% or better now).  I am 5'7 (squeaking it in - likely closer to 5'6 3/4 now) and currently weigh 161.5lbs.  Unacceptable.  My good weight is a more moderate bodyfat level and at 140-145lbs. 


    In addition to my corporate America job as an executive assistant to the CEO of a public company (read: sit too much all day and work too long hours), prior to my diagnosis I used to train clients part time (personal trainer) and LOVED the gym (weights - not so much cardio). I was not athletic as a child although siblings were high school and collegiate athletes.  


    Right around the time I was diagnosed with my AI, I lost my mojo (some of you have referred to it as 'wow').  I also went through what was considered 'spontaneous menopause' around the time I started treatment. That being said, I have NEVER felt better on thyroid  meds - mostly worse despite doing everything that has been advised by doctors and patient-advocates, biohackers and everyone in between.  I have been all all sorts of thyroid meds, steroids for the adrenal fatique, BHRT - none of it has really made me feel better; it may have fixed the lab results -- but it never brought me back to a place where I felt myself again.  


    I am familiar with paleo/primal as many fitness enthusiasts have eaten what is dubbed a 'clean diet' which is very close to what we now call paleo.  That being said, I have been quite lax about it over the past 2 years; while I am not a sweets/cookies person - when really stressed, I tend to comfort myself with the wrong foods (pizza, fries, bread) and having gone through a very stressful 4 years - I just lost focus on diet.  


    Aside from tweaking the diet back to where I used to be for years (and was happy with it as it was more a lifestyle not a diet) - I believe stress management is the hinge that swings the door for me.  This has been the most elusive part of wellness -- learning to manage it and learning to put myself FIRST.  I would also love to get back to love working out and being more consistent than the 2x a week I go now..... what I am doing is not intense enough both in terms of HIIT but also 'weight'..... I find I am floundering through workouts (working with a trainer right now) and making no progress over the past year.

    Glad to see others here in similar situations but not comforted by that either.  Thanks for all that you have each shared thus far. 


  • I'm being tested for the autoimmune thyroid issue now.  My tests are all super low and I have many symptoms, but bc the tests aren't below the line, there isn't anything to do but diet, exercise, a positive mental attitude, and finding others in my situation to share ideas.  I've pretty much devored the No Fail Fat Burning for Women and see that many of the issues discussed in the book are adrenal, thyroid and other hormones.  Women are different creatures than men, and us Boomer Chicks are more different still, so it is nice to have some directions on implimenting the BP diet with us in mind. 

  • Hi, fantastic to find this forum.

    I am 65, retired and travelling a lot of the year around Australia. I have been listening to the BP podcasts for a year and finally bought the book 4 days ago and went on the coffee. Being lactose intolerant I am soooo pleased. Amazing feeling, lots of energy and not having to think about food as much.

    I don't have to loose weight at 164cm and 55 kg after having a problem travelling overseas in FEb and loosing 7 kg in a hurry. I just want to maintain my health and build my muscle tone which I have lost My diet has been clean for a few years with GAPS based bone broth, sauerkraut etc. I just have to do some experimenting with the suggested supplements and exercise and see what happens. I am at the beginning of this, so any help with gaining muscle tone would be fantastic.

    PS not being very computer savvy I can't organise a photo and had a problem on shoutouts with a popup that wouldn't go away.
  • Thanks Cruiser42 I bought Skye St John's no Fail Fat Burning for Women which is based on BP fasting.


    you may have encountered her posts on the BP forum - how I found out about her book - see this particular forum http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/12851-no-fail-fat-burning-for-women/


    In the book she discusses the need for carb refeeds every 3 days for women. Really well worth the few $$ to buy a as kindle book. She has a simple but clear program for implementing this.

  • I totally agree.  What I love about the book, too, is the organization.  She will link or refer you to several other places that are amazing.  I really dislike books that go on and on with circular logic.  This book is straight to the point, succint and assumes the reader is intelligent.  How refreshing is that???  It was less that $5 on kindle.  Well worth the price!

    Thanks Cruiser42 I bought Skye St John's no Fail Fat Burning for Women which is based on BP fasting.


    you may have encountered her posts on the BP forum - how I found out about her book - see this particular forum http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/12851-no-fail-fat-burning-for-women/


    In the book she discusses the need for carb refeeds every 3 days for women. Really well worth the few $$ to buy a as kindle book. She has a simple but clear program for implementing this.

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    Thanks, Greer !

    Got the book and love it!  Will be doing SSJ's version of the Bulletproof diet on a 3 week work trip starting Sunday.  I'm really excited about it !  Take great care!

  • Good morning Boomer Girls.   How's everyone doing?  Any recipes, Ah-Ha moments or stories you wanna share?  


    One thing I discover in another thread and have implemented is using the MCT oil on my face at night.  I love how it feels and it soaks in so much faster than coconut oil.  No greasy look or feel. 


    Also, I found a recipe for pumpkin spice latte using our regular bp recipe and adding 2 T of pumpkin puree to it.  You can add vanilla (BP Ungrade, of course) or approved sweetener as you desire.   I'm gonna try this with de-caf coffee on a carb refeed day.

  • I'm not quite 60, but I will be there in 3 years. I bought the book last week, read it all the way through and began to adopt most of the principles to see how it works for me. And this is my first post here! When I found this topic I was thrilled and decided this was the best place for my first. 


    I'm 5' 6" ... or at least, I was. I'm sure I've shrunk in the past 7 years as that is how long I've been postmenopausal. I have no idea how much I weigh because I detest scales and refuse to step on one unless forced to at the doctor's office. I do need to drop some weight, about 3 dress sizes will put me in my sweet spot for life.


    I started making some radical changes to what/how I eat a few years ago when I discovered that the raw milk from the farm up the street from me eliminated almost all my allergies. When it dawned on me that the milk had a direct relationship with the allergy relief, I began a extensive search on nutrition and how it affects the body. I stumbled upon the no-wheat discussions and soon after came across the primal community over at Mark's Daily Apple. I've been trying to be primal as much as possible, although it's easy to fall off the wagon when the rest of them family loves their bread, pasta and sweet things. At least I know that gluten is not my friend and I avoid it more often than not. When I do jump off the wagon, I do it with quality. LOL I even found Natural Grocers who stocks Jovial's einkorn wheat flour. Einkorn is not easy to find here in the US.


    I started the bullet-proof coffee a few days ago. Yesterday I was able to get to 2:00 pm before eating. I felt hungry earlier, but by getting out of the house and getting active, the hunger went away.


    Dave doesn't really address much about women at this stage in life in his book, other to mention several times we should ingest protein along with the BP coffee in the morning. Does anyone know why? I would like to know the bio-mechanics behind that suggestion. 


    I'm typing this early in the am while finishing off my BP coffee, but in a little while I need to head to the horse ranch where I do ranch chores three mornings a week. I'm not paid for the effort, at least, not cash but rather it's a barter for the training of my daughter's horse. I also get free rides when I have the time, which is very rare! And it's how I'm able to de-stress my life. The ponies are good listeners and I feel better with the release of every drop of sweat.


    The ranch work is my exercise. It's my cross-fit! But I find myself worn out when I get home and am unproductive for the rest of the day so I hope following the BP principles will help me have more drive and energy to get things done. The ranch work takes about 3 - 4 hours on average, and the commute is 1.25 hours so the rest of the day is a large chunk of time I want to get back! I will follow the advice to have extra protein (along with some more fat) to see how well I do this morning. Hopefully I will feel energized enough to get the laundry done and set up the new sewing table that is coming to my door some time today!

  • Hi HilaryJ

    Nice to have another beautiful Boomer joining us.  I think you might get a lot from Skye St. John's book.  She is active on these posts, too, so joins in the conversations.  There is also a thread in the women's section that is just those of us who are following her protocol for women on the BP diet.  Women, and those of us in this age group, have different needs/requirements, and her book takes the BP diet and tweaks it for us.  BTW - that thread is 20 pages long, but the info in that thread is AWESOME, and her kindle version of the book is inexpensive. 


    WOW - I love your ranch life.  What a great exercise and working in a field like that is so healing, too.  Mentally, physically, emotionally. . .there's just something about being outside, working with animals, doing 'real' exercise like that.  NICE!  


    The first thing I noticed when I started Dave's protocol was that I no longer needed naps.  The second thing I noticed was my skin.  I was sleeping 9 hours a night, napping and still looked tired.  Now I'm sleeping 7 hours and not napping, and I look refreshed.  So I think you will find an increase in your energy pretty quickly.   The BEST thing I noticed was that my low-grade headaches have disappeared.  They weren't horrible headaches, but enough to make me feel blah.  And, yes, I'm dropping weight, too. 


    Enjoy your BP coffee and give the horses a hello from me.

  • I just found this thread. Yeah for it. I'm over 60 (am 61).


    It's tough as nails to lose weight. I've got between 30-40 lbs I'd love to see it all go but realistically anything at this point would be fantastic.  It's mostly stuck around my middle and pretty darn uncomfortable for someone who used to be active. 


    I just finished reading through all the treads on this post and bought Skye's book. So now to sit down with my b. coffee and go through her suggestions. 


    Am looking forward to more brainstorming here on how to make all this work and appreciate everyone's thoughts so far. 

  • Hi,

    I'm 65 and a beginner in the bp diet. I'm overweight, about 30 pounds. Apart from metabolic syndrome I have a number of health problems, atrium fibrillations and autoimmune problems, sore joints, hair loss. I take a lot of vitamin D3 with K2, no problems with osteoporosis and some improvemenst to hair and sore joints. Since April this year I follow the autoimmune recommendations of Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Approach) and Terry Wahls (The Wahls Protocol). The first focuses on gut health and avoiding inflammatory food, the second on mitochondral health. Most recommendations overlap. The diet really improved my health, but I don't loose weight, so I try the bp diet. Mostly trying to regulate my appetite. In 2013 I lost more than 30 lbs with the aid of an esophagal balloon. My strategy was to avoid foods that stimulated appetite and I try to do that again, without the aid of a balloon.

    I am a retired biologist, specialized in nature conservation, environment and environmental health. Now I'm a glass artist.
  • Hi Maureen.....I'm also a retired biology person although I was a science teacher (specializing in the high school mind :) .  Now I have a completely different business with my husband in real estate.  


    Am also trying to regulate my appetite.  I'm ALWAYS thinking about food and didn't even realize it until I got the flu and spent a week not wanting to eat. It was such an eye opener and a relief to actually not want food.  This food craving stuff is a new development that started in peri-menopause and really came in full swing a few years ago when all periods ended.  I've been on bio-identical estrogen and progesterone since age 50 when I realized dropping hormones, hot flashes and a room full of teenagers was a very bad combination.  Last summer I added in testosterone because I couldn't lift basic materials we needed to move around for our business.  Within weeks the testosterone made a big difference in my strength and energy but the effect dropped off somewhat.


    Right now I pretty much follow a paleo diet with some dairy and occasionally long fermented sourdough bread. Dropping the dairy and bread completely didn't seem to make any difference in my food cravings.  So I now try to keep it to sheep and goat dairies and limit the bread to a treat. 


    Along with just starting to follow Skye's plan for women I'm working adding in slowly more resistant starches i.e AnimalPharm and Vegetable Pharms suggestions on their blogs.

  • Hi ladies.  If you are following Skye's protocol, Greer wrote us up a great chart to help with the protocol, especially the first 10 days.  I'll attempt to post it here, but it that doesn't work, you can find it in the No Fail Fat Burning For Women thread on about page 20 or 21.  Look for Greer's name.   I think her charts should be pinned in the front of the women's forum.  It is a winner in my opinion. 


  • Wow....that is a winner.  Thanks for posting it.  

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