Electrical Stimulation Derma Wand

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What is the advantage of stimulating the face with electrical current?  ..... Can anyone give a scientific explanation ?

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  • From what I have learned from Dr. Perricone, it exercises our facial muscles... which can help uplift our skin that lays above it. It will not lift skin that is already very saggy... yet if used in 30's, 40's, early 50's, it can help prevent some of the facial collapse that can happen in later years. I have used several devices for last 15 years (started in my late 30's - for prevention) ..for me, it definitely makes a difference..especially around my eyes, and mouth...also tightens up jaw and under chin area.

  • Hi! I have the dermawand and I love it! I use it twice a day l- it helps keep the crows feet away and helps life the eyes.
    I’m a 39 year old female and have been using it for about a year
    You do need to use it consistently to get the best results, but it is worth the 2 minutes in the am and pm! :-)

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