Cla Supplement For Weight Loss

Who takes it, does it work, how much should you take and what time of the day? Thanks!!!!

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  • Well I did some info-plowing on this a while ago because I eat more conventional organic butter than grass-fed and thus figured it might be worthwhile to supplement CLA. However my (altough possibly incorrect) conclusion was that the the CLA isomer that is most common in dairy products (90% or so) which is called "rumenic acid" or "c9, t11", does not seem to have evidence for it to be helpful with fat loss (which I was interested in). The "t10, c12"-isomer on the other hand may have that, but might also come with some negative side effects. There are more isomers but these apparently are the two most studied. Maybe rumenic acid has some other nice effects besides fat loss though if I'm not mistaken. My supp was 50:50 of the two though and I ended up ditching it.

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