Shin Splints

Anyone have any tips for relieving shin splints? I have read a lot online about stuff to try.. Just wondering if anyone has anything that has worked for them? Really want to get back to my regular routine.



  • Fill Dixie cups with water and freeze.... then tear part off around the edge and ICE MASSAGE... KT Tape also helps.

  • Tried foam rolling and also icing.. Doesn't seem to be improving much. Been 6 days and I can barely walk in the morning. Gets better throughout the day, but still can't do much activity. How long does it generally last for you guys?

  • You might have a stress fracture of your fibia or tibia.....MRI

  • I guess I'll give it until Friday before I go and get it checked, thanks for the responses.

  • Im a chiropractor. Adjusting the lower extremities, pelvis and feets, then hard soft tissue treatments on either tibialis posterior and/or tibilalis anterior will fix it in about 15 minutes. Perhaps you will need a couple of treatments before the pain is gone. Works everytime as long as you dont have compartment syndrome.




  • Still pretty bad pain.. Couldn't even jog yesterday and hurts to walk. Time to see a chiropractor?

  • Danno RedDanno Red Practical Man

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you're a jogger, right? If so, I gotta ask: why jog? It's not bulletproof, not in any way shape or form...if you insist on cardio switch to sprint/walk intervals. Our bodies just weren't meant to jog. I know I'm gonna get yelled at for this but if you are hurting your shins doing something, the simple fix is to stop. Slouching hurt my back, so my chiropractor told me to sit up straight. Problem solved. Pull-ups gave me golfer's elbow, stopping cured the problem. If you insist on cardio, get a bike, climb, do yoga, swim, elipticize, play a sport, circuit train--Asprey I know would have my back on this best jogging is for masochists...even if that's all it was nipple clips are probably less physically destructive if all you need is discomfort.

  • Agreed, jogging is not optimal.  If you like it do it, it's better than nothing.  I used to get shin splints from my habit of charging around.  Then I lost 15 lbs and also got orthotics.  Now I charge around as usual and it's fine, likely it was fixed by a bit of both.

  • Stop running. Easy fix.
  • Guess I beat you guys to it, but helps knowing I made the right choice. Went and got a membership to a different gym that has a pool. Will transition to mainly biking and lap swimming I suppose.. I learned my lesson about treadmills, I definitely prefer to run outside, but it's not always an option. I'll stick to sprinting in the field near my house when I can.


    It would be as hard to cut out running as it would be to stop eating butter, but we will see how it goes. Thanks again for all the responses. 

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    It this dosent work try active release technique


    Foam rolling the shins, then next level is kneeling on a golf ball right along the outer edge or blade edge of the shin bone, rolling from knee to foot.

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    Yes, drummin! Or real life's the heel strike that's really the problem with jogging. The heel bone isn't supposed to take that sort of abuse and barefoot (or toe shoes) remove the padding that promotes heel landings. And that in turn forces the shin muscle to fight the toe extension heel strikes induce. Sprinting promotes toe/ball landings. And even when you do make a flatter landing it's rarely on a straightened leg so the knee can absorb some of the shock.



    i've heard a couple people say that switching to vibrams helped them avoid shin splints. 

  • Had a splint years ago and it did hurt for a long time. Have now switch to a more barefoot running approach and so far so good. Wait until you're healed and make the shift to see if it works for you. Nothing to loose anyway. 

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