Bullet Proof Coffee; Food Sensitivity?

Hi guys, just wondering if I could crowd source some of the collective wisdom

According to my sleep monitoring app Sleep Cycle, which I opt to use to take my heart rate upon waking, my resting heart rate this morning was 54BPM.  

As I'm about to finish my bullet proof coffee I noticed a vein in my hand was actually jumping to the beats of my pulse.  I took this as a que to take my heart rate and it was about 75-80BPM based on my calculations.  I'm 24 years old, train 4-6 times per week.  Low body fat strong, etc.  

Does anyone think I may have a sensitivity to butter? 

I'm using the upgraded Coffee beans and MCT with West Gold butter (which I strongly believe to be GrassFed (Australia)).

Would like to know what you guys think.  Would Ghee be a better option?  If so what does it taste like in the coffee?

Thanks again!


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