Optimal Fasting For Health Benefits, But Not For Weight Loss


Optimal fasting for health benefits, but not for weight loss


Thank you for sharing it! Is there any scientific evidence to support the answer to this question?


What of the following types of fasting should one do if he or she is not interested in weight loss (but rather muscle gain), but is very interested in all other health benefits fasting might provide and specifically in the benefit below (related to glomerulosclerosis) as this one can be life-saving(!)?


1. Intermittent fasting daily

1.1 No food food for 16 hours a day

1.2 No protein and no carbs for 16 hours a day, but some fat for breakfast


2. Alternate day fasting

2.1 No calories on a given day - one day a week  

2.2 No calories on a given day - two days a week  

2.3 No calories on a given day - every other day --- this seems to be the method of the discussed rat study (below)

2.4 Limited calories on a given day (max 800) - one day a week  

2.5 Limited calories on a given day (max 800) - two days a week  

2.6 Limited calories on a given day (max 800) - every other day


Many strains of laboratory rats develop spontaneous progressive kidney failure with development of proteinuria and glomerulosclerosis. Rats fed on alternate days showed preserved kidney function as demonstrated by preserved glomerular filtration rate and renal plasma flow, compared to rats fed ad libitum.

Gehrig JJ, Ross J, Jamison RL. Effect of long-term, alternate day feeding on renal function in aging conscious rats. Kidney international. 1988;34(5):620-630. 


Is there anything else to keep read and keep in mind?


If you are unsure, what expert should I consider asking?


Thank you again!




1. The reasons why it might not be generally necessary to cut 100% of calories instead of 50% (but it's in general, not relating to this specific study I am referring to, and it's focused on weight loss)


2. The actual source of study and a ton of useful information


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