Infectious Disease-Bulletproof Doctors

Hi everyone,


I'm looking for alternative ways of dealing with an infection.  My mother had a back surgery a while back and has been wrecked ever since.  Stuff you would expect to see on the X-Files.  She's been in and out of countless emergency rooms ever since the surgery. At one point she was hospitalized with a blood infection and then after they took her off the IV antibiotics her symptoms started flaring up again.  So many tests have been done but no one can seem to figure out what's happening or where it's even coming from.  I've been doing the BP diet for a few months now and have been telling her about it's function since it seems like pretty groundbreaking stuff.  Last week her heart filled up with fluid--pericarditis to be specific.  So they drained it, and sent her home with blood pressure medication.  The one thing she's never had was heart problems.  This week she went to the doctor for a follow up and he sent her to the ER because her heart was filling with fluid again and they decided to do an operation where they put a drain that goes from her heart to her lungs (apparently the lungs will help take the fluid out of the body).  This raises concerns for me as they haven't tried to figure out WHY it's happening.  Also, pericarditis can be symptomatic of a virus (the sac around the heart fills up with fluid to prevent the heart from being attacked) which they just exposed her heart to any virus but putting a permanent tube that carries fluid away to the lungs.  Her whole body is swollen really, I've never seen anything like it.  Not to be gross but there's blood in her urine, pus in her stool, and the whites of her eyes sometimes are completely pinkish/reddish...not talking bloodshot, but like something you'd see in a horror movie.


I've tried looking for doctors on this website but none of them deal with insurance.  She's disabled and doesn't have much income but I'm sure if she found anyone to help her we'd make sacrifices.  In the meantime, what supplements would help her?  I gave her some glutathione.  Does anyone think this might help?  Is there something else she could take?  She's been on so many antibiotics that I know her system is destroyed.  


Anything you think might help is a start.  Or if anyone knows/is a doctor that might be able to think to look for something that other doctors haven't.  So far nothing in the conventional world of medicine is helping her right now as doctors have no idea what's happening in her body.


Any ideas would be appreciated.






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