Clear On Cholesterol

Just want to carify something.


No-one has ever heard of anyone on this diet getting an illness which can be directly attributed to a raise in cholesterol due to a higher intake of saturated fat.More saturated fat is better. This saturated fat diet will in fact raise cholesterol levels. But it doesen't matter because cholesterol is good for you and its only oxidizied LDL that can be a problem, which this diet does not create.


Are the BP gods in agreeance with this??


This seems like something I should have looked into months ago before starting the diet.



  • In acute hyperglycemia (too much sugar in the blood), the IL-18 signaling pathway is activated releasing cytokines.  Cytokines are normally released in response to injury, but in this case, ox-LDL cholesterol is circulated binding to micro-fractures in arteries throughout the body.


    The problem is not the cholesterol, it is the insulin resistance.

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