Me Again.. Plyometrics

Hi guys this is my routine. As I mentioned in my other post about macro's this is similar to what I was doing anyway just abit more cardio.

Monday- a.m. cardio p.m. weight training*
Tuesday- HIIT cardio performed anytime
Wednesday- a.m. cardio p.m. weight training*
Thursday- HIIT cardio performed anytime
Friday- a.m. cardio p.m. weight training *
Saturday- HIIT Cardio done anytime maintenance calories
Sunday- no training/maintenance calories

My question is on my Hiit days I plan to do calisthenics and Plyometrics. These include lots of press ups etc. Bodyweight athletes are very muscular which leads me to think if I lift heavy on the weight days the cals/plyos will cause me to overtrain muscles? I suppose I could split into two, two of the Hiit days do push ups, plank etc, other two do the jumps, squats etc. Insanity and T25 are meant to be done 6 days a week so I know these kind of exercises can be used regularly it's just with the lifting. I feel I need to lift to even get to a beginners level in plyo etc. I can't do a full press up and the hopes of chin ups spiderman etc are a mere dream at this stage. It's tricky to know what to do with cals/plyo it combines both cardio and muscle building together. Just makes me more confused. But it's the first time I've ever gotten excited about something in a long time so I must pursue it!


  • Looks like an ambitious start.  How well this works could come down to: 

    1. What is your goal? 

    2. By day 4 are you able to recover?  Recovery can be a major factor when going through rapid change.  For me, this mostly comes down to getting high quality sleep and eating well.  


    The plan you noted looks like it can cover the different muscle types of slow-twitch (weights, bodyweight) and fast-twitch (plyo, Insanity, jumps).  From what I've read, most people are near 50/50, yet some folks have a considerably higher proportion of one over the other.  See how it feels, watch the results and adjust! 

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