Taking Aminos Powdered Form

Does anyone take straight powdered BCAAs or glutamine, arginine, creatine? What do you take it with to make it go down easier. Didn't realize how horrible tasting this stuff was. I mixed it up with some whey and almond milk and it was still pretty bad. Would taking waxy maize with it help?


  • personally I just mix them with water pre-workout, give them a good stir, and then chug them down. Pretty neutral in that it is not unpleasant or pleasant.

  • Never tried BCAA powder.

    Leucine powder - water + some whey.

    Creatine - just water or some whey + water.

    Arginine - never tried in a powder form.

    Glutamine - water or some whey + water.

  • Coconut water is by far the best thing that I've ever used to mix raw amino acids with.

    Add 2-300ml coconut water per 10-20g of Aminos in bottle or shaker, mix well & let sit for a few minutes, 50-100ml of lemon juice helps kill the taste too.

    For some reason the aminos blend in the coconut water fairly evenly unlike when you mix aminos in a glass of water & they just sit on top.
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    I'll try the coconut water. Thanks
  • CrazyhorseCrazyhorse INFIDEL
    So I narrowed it down to which powders actually taste horrible. The glutamine and creatine isn't bad. The BCAAs are bad but tolerable. Black coffee actually helps kill the after taste quick. L-arginine is freaking horrible tasting. It's like if ammonia had a taste to it, I think that would be L-arginine. I don't know if anything can mask the taste so I might just stop taking it and get the capsules.
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    I do most things in power form or make my own capsules. L-Arginine has got to be one of the worst things I've ever tasted. Far worse than liver. You can get a capsule maker and empty caps for about $30 on Amazon. Besides the L-Arginine, rest is pretty neutral in my experiences, little chalky.

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  • CrazyhorseCrazyhorse INFIDEL
    Yeah man I took it again today and nothing would chase the nasty taste down. I might look into a capsule maker
  • Hey. Sorry to hijack your thread, but do you know if amino acids are more stable if they are capped? The powder which I have would last more than 3 months... would it start to denature? I prefer powders since I can mix them into drinks, but if that means a reduction in efficacy... I don't know.

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