Motivation Through Private Posting Of Foodimages(Whatsapp)

Hi Guys and Girls, 


I would like to make small Inner Circles where we post what we eat whenever we do. We could create a Whatsapp  Group within like 5-10 People were we try to capture every meal. If someone makes mistakes or eats chunk the others can pick on him. Since we dont know each other in real world, this would actually work well. 


So If 5 people private message me their phone numbers, I would love to start a Whatsapp group where we try to post everything we eat and or at least the healthy stuff(what we think is healthy). So we can get more creative and get some feedback on our diet. I feel pretty lonely(due to my lifestlyle too) beeing bulletproof here in this town. 


We then can report here if we felt any differences because we felt more oblied to be bulletproof for the group. 


Please only Honest People who really would like to hack Motivation. If more people are interested I will from groups o 5 . I think it can only work if the group is small enough to built strong relation to the person. 






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