Blood Results - Uric Acid, Cholesterol

Hi I just got some blood results back and I wanted to double check my reasoning with you guys: 


I attached the results though the 3 outliers at the moment are: 



Triglycerides: 111

LDL: 195.8

HDL: 54

Uric Acid: 8.2

Testosterone: 31 (which is borderline fine) 


Previous (6 months ago)

Triglycerides: 72

LDL: 126.9

HDL: 60 

Uric Acid:  unknown


I've also got a mild pain lower right abdomen - which I now realize could be kidney stones


Major Changes over last 3 months that could have affected this: 

- I've had a few minor injuries so I've been doing significantly less sport (crossfit) from being active 3-4 times a week, I went down to about once and a lot less consistency in workouts. 

- I've had a bout of unhealthy habit with weed which triggers eating more fructose (I try and stick to the family of berries and dark chocolate though) and once ina while I get in some dates

- I've been focused less on all the veggies and leafy greens and sticking to high fat and high protein instead (I'm guessing this could cause the acidity and impact on uric acid levels)


Any other thoughts from the community on how to get back and reduce these dramatically to where they should be??


Would be very grateful! :)


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