Bulletproof Water Boiler

I am currently looking for the best way to heat water for my Tea.


I don't want any stainless steel in there.

I found a lot of boilers made from ceramic/glass or enameled- but all of them have a steel bottom plate. not enameled. bummer.



All I could come up with up until now is a glass kettle to be heated on the oven.



Do any of you have good ways to heat water without metal and plastic?


  • J-rockJ-rock
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    Put the water in the coffee pot and heat it up with the coffee maker. It will take a while, but it will heat the water up without using the microwave or a steel kettle.

  • HazakinsHazakins Graveyard shift putting me in the Grave!

    a glass kettle would work great in a microwave. This is what I do at work to make my second batch of BPC in a large pyrex glass measuring cup.

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  • I thought about the coffee maker style approach, you mean heat it up with the bottom plate?

    Because using the integrated boiler there is always some plastic involved, right?


    Microwaving is problematic in itself- I dont know how it affects pure water, though. Any research on that? :)


    Another option I thought of, was a makeshift water boiler by using an induction cooking plate with an enameled induction kettle... Anyone here that has such a thing?

  • I thought about the coffee maker style approach, you mean heat it up with the bottom plate?





    What do you have against steel?


    I was wondering the same thing.

  • steel does leach nickel, and dave states this in a podcast, too:



    If you were to boil distilled water, this would be greatly amplified.

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