How To Upgrade Yourself Using The Bulletproof Forums

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Do you live in a Bulletproof community?  Are you surrounded by people who are trying to better themselves?  Do the people around you influence you to make good dietary and lifestyle choices?  If you are a participant in the Bulletproof Forums, the answer to all of these questions is absolutely!  Members on the forums have dedicated themselves to upgrading their minds, bodies, and souls.  If you have been bio-hacking for years, or are brand new to the Bulletproof lifestyle, you will fit in right away.


On the forums we understand that the Bulletproof lifestyle is a journey and everyone has to start somewhere.  We welcome questions and comments from new members and give them the confidence needed to make the change.  Our advanced members benefit from researching, learning new information, and sharing their experiences.  Check out this PubMed article about how helping others combats stress:


Another study shows that participation in on-line internet forums improves one's overall sense of well being and encourages outside positive behaviors:




Our membership is held to a Bulletproof standard.  Members are encouraged to accept everyone and show respect at all times.  We also want to keep an open mind.  Constructive disagreement is perfectly acceptable and leads to growth and a greater understanding.  Please refer to the following thread to see the difference:


Posting Rules

Please post in a Bulletproof way.  Before asking a question, try and do some preliminary research.  For new members, please use our search tool and refer to the search guide to see if your question has already been asked.


Please, only post a new topic only if it is unique, and try to put your new topic in the correct forum.


If your question has already been asked in a thread or post, or the subject matter of a thread applies explicitly to your question, then please post and comment on the existing thread. Even if the original post is a few months old, a new addition to the discussion (ie; your new comment or post) will bring that thread of comments back to the forefront for all of the community to find and respond.


Thread Hijacking

We also want to be courteous of one another and not hijack threads. Use your best judgement to post similar content or related questions on active discussions, but radically changing the direction or focus of the discussion is considered bad form. Respect people’s conversations, and if in doubt, post a brand new thread if you're concerned about deviating someone's current topic.


Posting Styling

Please be mindful about your font and the size of your signature.  This saves the community from unnecessary scrolling.


Code of Conduct

Like the Bulletproof diet, there is a spectrum of behavior that will either affect you and others in a positive way, or have the potential to harm yourself and others.  Practice operating in the green zone here, you may find it helps you out there too.   


Green: Accepting of others, Researching, Helping Others, Respectfulness, Open Mindedness, Reporting "Red Zone" Behavior, Disagreeing Constructively.


Yellow: Vulgarities, Repeat Threads, Rudeness, Hijacking Threads, “Bumping” Threads, Using Huge Fonts, Having A Huge Signature


Orange: Flaming, Bullying, Fear Mongering, Unconstructive Disagreements, Violating Copyright Laws


Red: Threats of Violence, Deliberately Misleading Others, Harassment, Spam


There is a time and a place for everything.  Orange zone behavior, vulgarities and messing around, are for the "Gangster Banter" section.  Keep in mind there is still a limit.   And keep Orange Zone behavior to "Gangster Banter", outside of that section may get you banned.  Many people are offended by that kind of stuff, so please do not limit our membership by being crude.  


Flaming, trolling, or other hostilities that arise as a means to injure others are about as Bulletproof as eating a bean burrito and washing it down with GMO soy milk.  If you see this kind of activity, the best thing to do is ignore it.  Responding to it in a negative way is harmful to you and benefits no one.  Do you stop people from drinking a corn syrup rich beverage by sitting down next to them and ordering the same thing?  Think about it.


Our membership consists of Bulletproof participants from all across the world.  Please be patient with people who are not native English speakers.  Also, what may be offensive to you may be perfectly acceptable in another culture and vice versa.  Be mindful of this and do not get too bent out of shape.  That will disrupt your coherence and it will take at least five minutes of heart rate variability training to restore balance.  Is it worth it?


Harassment, Threats, & Bullying

Eating in the "red zone" will negatively affect your health, posting towards the "red zone" will affect your ability to participate on the Bulletproof Forum.  A "yellow zone" post could lead to an edit, deletion or relocation of your post.  If you post in the "orange zone" you will be contacted by a moderator and receive a warning.  If you do not comply, the moderator will take further action up to and including a suspension or ban.  "Red zone" posts will lead to an automatic ban. 


If you see toxic "red zone" posts on the forums, please feel free to hit the report button.  This will expedite the process of having it removed and having the offender banned.  Everyone in our community has the power to help Bulletproof our forums and keep us all in the “green zone.”  



Our membership is growing more and more every day, which is great!  Unfortunately, the larger we get, the more spammers we attract.  If you see spam, go ahead and report it so that we can remove it.  How do you know it is spam and not one of our active members promoting a good deal, service, or product?  Look at their post count.  If the member's first post contains a product link, draws traffic to an affiliate site, forum, or blog they are classified as a spammer.  Report it so we can prevent them from cluttering up the forums with spam.  Affiliate links are strictly prohibited and will get you banned.  If you are a member and would like to advertise a product that you think is Bulletproof develop a community relationship first before you promote your product.  It is your responsibility to let others know that you are being materially or financially compensated from the posting, activation, or purchasing that may result.  Being an ethical member is Bulletproof.


If you have made it this far, congratulations!  We are delighted to make you a part of our community.  The Bulletproof Forum is a powerful hack and we look forward to seeing your progress along the way!



Revision 4.3 - Last edited 7/21/2014 is a place for people to share ideas, and experiences.  The information posted is not a means to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please check with your primary healthcare physician before taking any supplement, making any changes in diet, or exercise.

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