Emwave2 Practice Digital Laboring...

I work on my computer like 8 hours a day. Is there any reason to not to just, plug the Emwave into my computer, attach the Emwave's earpiece and use it all day to monitor my coherence...? 


Is there any reason not to do this...??


This is what I've been doing an I'm becoming keenly aware of what events throughout my digital existence bring me out of coherence; getting into a writing or creative flow seems to turn the light green, whereas checking email or web development are 'red light' activities for me.


Interestingly watching funny videos on Youtube does not promote coherence.



  • The emwave should ideally be used for focused training with biofeedback.  It is highly sensitive to movement so it doesn't to a great job of HRV tracking - for this you'd be better served with the HRV Sense app and a chest strap (e.g. Polar, Zephyr)

  • I am thinking about ordering the Heartmath EmWave 2 from the Bulletproof website.  System requirements are Windows XP SP 3+.  My computer has Windows 7 Home Premium.  Will it work with my computer?  Thanks to anyone who can answer this for me. 

  • It will work with your device; in fact, you don't need another device at all because it works as a stand alone unit.  Be advised that the emWave 2 has been designed for the technology illiterate and technophobic.  You will miss out of many of the features of the other emWave devices.  I am a huge fan of HeartMath, I own all of their emWave devices, and the emWave 2 is my least favorite.  I have only used it a handful of times.

  • Thanks for your reply!  I'm not totally technophobic, but have never used any of these devices and don't want to buy something I won't be able to figure out.  I was considering the emWave 2 because it is available on the Bulletproof website and is affordable.  What would you recommend instead for a beginner?  I can go a little higher on the price, if necessary.

  • I bought the emwave 2 as well and regretted not getting the Inner Balance. The software doesn't work great on either of my windows or apple systems.. and the Inner Balance looks just so damn cute.


    Regardless I am still happy to have it.

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