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New member/poster, less than 1 month bulletproofer. Thankful there's a forum like this I can turn to for solid scientific and proven advice rather than just a society of over zealous, misinformed prophets.


I'm moving from the slowcarb/ferriss movement to the bulletproof lifestyle for 3 goals, weight loss, muscle'ing up and ultimately, bulletproofing my mind.


Never having been physically sculpted and trained, I'm seeking advice regarding when I should engage in HIT workouts in my limited schedule and in light of bp principles.


My 6 day a week schedule looks like the following:


Wake at 6


Begin commute at 6:45


Arrive shortly before 8


Handle customers until 4ish


Arrive at home anywhere from 5:30-7


Go to bed anywhere from 8:45 - 10 something.


I'm currently IF decaf (high blood pressure and I don't need any extra energy, eating cleaner and apparently the mct oil/butter gives me more than enough energy) and eat lunch around 2, then supper at home a few minutes after I arrive, around 6-7:30.


In light of this schedule, it appears that my only available time to workout would be right before or sometime after supper.

I understand the actual time required isn't very long but I'm taking into account pre and post workout fluff which is priceless time that my wife and infant need.

Thanks to the new found energy, I'm naturally more active throughout the day so my step has quite a bit more speed and intensity than before.


I'm faithfully adhering to the bp protocol as much as possible with only a walmart and a kroger nearby (gotta love amazon and the interweb!). I have a small health food store that stocks supplements, etc. but no Fresh Market or Whole Foods closer than an hour and a half.


The only supplements I'm taking is the Nature's Plus men's multivitamin until I can get my bp regulated and save enough for proper blood panels.


Any ideas or recommendations?



  • CrazyhorseCrazyhorse INFIDEL
    As far as the workout program, I would look into crossfit. There are a ton of free programming put out online by high level coaches. The main site is a good one to start with and generally programs a 3 on 1 off type of schedule. Most workouts with a proper warmup/cool down can be finished in an hour with the occasional hero wod that can take longer.

    Out of curiosity? What is your blood pressure numbers? Might be able to control it naturally..

    I'm in the same boat with whole foods. If you have a costco nearby, they are starting to supply more and more healthy/organic foods as the demand has gone way up lately. You can buy in bulk and don't need to go every week so the drive is worth it.
  • Interesting. I thought crossfit was a tightly controlled/proprietary system where you had to join a cf club, etc. I'll look into it today.


    140's over 90's. I'm shedding fat easily by following bp, so i'll have to start monitoring again to see where i'm at now.


    no costco, lol. best I have in town is a small fruit stand.


    Thanks for the advice!

  • Schedules are always tough for those of us who are full-time employed with a commute. I work out in the morning at home, even if that is not the perfect solution. But, I have no travel time to a gym and don't have to futz with an after-work workout when I'm tired. If you do it right, you can manage your workout in 30 min or less.

    You could look for a used elliptical to do HIIT sprints, or do some sort of plyometric or running sprints outside. Maybe twice per week, and you might find a fat loss boost doing them fasted in the am.

    You also might invest in some weights -- An inexpensive set or used. You could then devise your version of a Body By Science weight workout.

    I have a particular fondness for workout DVDs. You could probably find some you like on Amazon that don't break the bank.

    Good luck to you.


  • Thanks for the ideas! But I'm more curious as to the actual time I should workout. Pre/Post supper, or, as you suggest, in the AM while fasting.


    I'm fascinated that it's so easy to stay BP (and having my body tell me it wants to stay BP) unlike the daily struggle i had while on slow carb. Plus, the results, both physical and mental are so striking, I want to maximize the benefit of my workout and at the same time, not detract from the progress I'm making. I wonder if the time I workout, pre/post supper, relative to feeding would help or hinder me.

  • I also moved from slow carb to upgraded paleo...  I am not sure it really matters when you lift weights.  I have done it in the morning at 430am, at lunchtime and at 1030pm.  I really do think that your diet matters far more than what exercise you do or what manner of exercise.  So long as you are able to do it with some regularity.  For my part I think that the leangains.com method is the most logical way.  But this depends on goals, leangains is for getting yoked and to that end I also would advocate looking at jason's thread for pre and post workout supplements.  

    I understand your lack of time and I am currently doing a split routine that takes about 40 minutes 4x a week and am at an all time strength high and body fat low.  

  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    I would lift / train first and eat later.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • I recommend "ice cream fitness 5x5 plan" its simple, quick, and very effective :) hope that helps 

  • I've always heard:

    1. The exercise you do is much, much more important then the exercise you don't do.

    2. After a workout, your metabolism reamains high for hours afterward. Thus, it makes more sense to exercise in the morning and let your body run higher for the rest of the day, rather then shutting down to sleep.

    (Of course, #1 trumps #2...)

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