What Pills Was I Taking?



When I was in university one my mates got his hands on some pills. Apparently they were the same pills that US fighter pilots took when they had to fly missions after being woken up in the middle of the night. The alarm would go off, the pilots get up, take a couple of these pills and by the time they’re taking off their 100% focused. That was the story anyway.


Well I tried these pills when I was studying. The results were impressive. I could focus completely on the task at hand for a couple of hours without a single distraction. I felt a bit like a zombie, no thoughts about anything other than the task at hand. Although I found it worked better when I was researching/writing essays. It wasn’t so useful when I was trying to do maths.


Anybody know what I was taking? I'm guessing it was legal, or at the margin of being legal. My mate didn't do drugs, but he'd put most things in his body if he thought he'd get some gains.



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