High Intensity Interval Training, Ideal Routine?

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Hey guys,


I'm thinking about incorporating sprints into my weekly training in addition to my 12 minute-per-week Body By Science routine, although I'm not exactly sure why...my primary goal is to lean out as quickly as possible.


So I'm curious:


1) Would there be unique benefits to adding hiit sprints throughout the week if already following a Body By Science routine?


2) Is there any reason to believe it would encourage quicker/more effective fat loss?


3) Is there an ideal Bulletproof hiit formula to follow? (i.e. 30 second sprint / 30 second recovery / 3-7 times per session / 3 sessions a week)


My main motivation is a few friends of mine who do one-hour sessions of indoor cycling class 3 times a week, and look ridiculously ripped, all while I have to watch them eat donuts every morning and then politely decline to stay Bulletproof and "healthier."


So I feel like I should probably consider some form of "Bulletproof Cardio" in addition to my Body By Science weight training.


Thanks in advance!



  • Some people build muscle or lose fat in spite of what they do, not because how they train or eat. I recommend a balls to wall high intensity workout and rest at least 4 to 7 days before working out again. Walk every day, and do active things. Go to a playground or park with the kids. If you want to cycle because it's fun with your friends from work then do it.

    There is no bad food, only bad choices. Donuts are a good food to lips but a bad choice if you are wanting to be the best you can be. You only get lean in the kitchen from one day a week workouts. You eat over 20 times a week and workout 1 to 2 times per week. So the food you put into your body is at least 10 times more important than the gym.

    Tabata sprints are what I do once a week usually 3 days after my workout day. I do 16 sets. 20 seconds all out sprint followed by 10 second walk then 20 second sprint for total 8 mins. Get a Tabata timer app for your smart phone.
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    You would be amazed at the results you will get from Tabatas. And it doesn't just have to be sprints, you can use them for any body weight exercise and I haven't heard of anyone not getting results from them.
  • I have been doing Sprint 8 and there a couple pretty good videos on YouTube.  Basically, it's a 3 minute warm-up followed by 20-30 seconds of intense exercise (could be sprints, cycling or even walking if you are not in good shape).  Back off the intensity for 1.5 minutes and do it again, 8 times.


    It takes around 20 minutes to do the total workout and it can really kick your butt depending on how hard you hit it.

  • Hey Roark,


    I read your post and first wanted to say not to worry about your friends throwing down doughnuts and looking shredded. 

    First it wont last, they wont always be able to keep up with the regular intense training and youthful metabolism fades.

    second, your going to be able to kick more ass in every aspect of life because your energy and mental clarity will be optimized by living bullet proof, not just your six pack.


    As for your questions I will answer in order, oh and let me first say that I am a personal trainer of 12 years experience who helps busy professionals who are in their mid 20's through their early 70's to look, feel, and perform the way they want.


    1. the unique benefits you should expect from high intensity interval training is greater endurance and faster recovery from short bouts of maximal efforts. You will also have the stamina to jump into and have fun with a wide variety of physical recreational sports or outdoor activities. 


    2. In my experience you can expect faster weight loss simply because of the extra calories burned during exercise and the recovery process aka e.p.o.c. hiit will also aid in building muscle because your moving explosively and creating natural boosts of favorable hormones like hgh. 


    3. Intervals don't have to be complicated and can come in many forms. You cant go wrong with hill sprints, find a hill, sprint up, walk down, repeat 10-15x, functional strong man circuits are awesome fun if you have access to a gym with cool toys like battling ropes, kettle bells, tires, hammers... Longer intervals while running or cycling of 60 seconds to several minutes followed by 1-2x that length of time for a rest interval as in track workouts or fartlek style runs. Just take 10 minutes to warm-up and keep te real intense part of the workout to 20-30 minutes max. Mix it up and have fun with it to see what style suits you.


    *a note on tabata: tabata's are awesome for increasing your stamina and athletic ability with a short effective protocol. However you should know a few things about the tabata protocol.

    -it was originally intended as a pure performance enhancer for collegiate caliber athletes and not as weight loss protocol.

    -the protocol was performed daily with an additional day of the dreaded steady state cardio.

    -was performed with weighted explosive movements not just any old body weight exercise or run of the mill cardio movements.

    So the tabata protocol is an awesome performance enhancer when used as a "finisher" to a regular workout, it is probably not the best stand alone strategy for your goal.


    Hope that helps!

  • I started doing the workout below a year ago with good results.  I let off on it for a few months and recently circled back to include it.  I forgot how much it hurt lol.  I literally came close to puking the first time I attempted it.  The whole thing is 19 minutes for me at this time.  


    Couple of important tips:

    1. Choose a lighter weight than you think you can handle for the first round. 2. Have everything you need set to go before you start.  You are doing 6X10 reps PER EXCERCISE NO REST between sets.  Position all the dumbbells/bars at the right weight.  3. Do it somewhere well ventilated (you may be gasping for air on the last few sets).  3. If you have to put the bar down, do it but complete the reps, keep lifting until your goal is met.  4. Don't plan on doing anything for 15-20 minutes after the workout, done correctly you won't be able to do much, usually I can't type because my forearms are so smoked.  5. Enjoy!




    PS-the guy in the video is on his last set at that weight!  

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    Are you guys working out in the morning or after work?

    I feel very exhaustet for the rest of the day which is why it's hard to go to work after exercise and in the evening I'm often too tired/lazy to workout... what do you do?

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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    Your probably right. I'm still trying to figure out what to eat on a typical workout day. Like how many carbs and how much protein pre and post workout...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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    Sounds like a nutrition issue, in fact, I can almost guarantee it.

    Agreed. Especially if you're trying to be very low carb.

    Tinker with your post workout nutrition, if it persists beyond that, run some adrenal and thyroid tests.

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    Guys, I'm reading through the BBS book and I find it amazing that one should train only once per week. This is like the total opposite of what you see from all these body builders who train 5-6 times per week and look super human...

    Who of you tried this kind of training and who is gonna post some pictures of his ripped body in order to confirm this really works? :D Ok, I have to admit that I did EMS training twice and I realized that I really improved by doing this only once a week for 20 minutes... But this kind of training was even really more hardcore than this BBS workout... I will give it a try though...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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    Give it a go, I noticed a difference after about 4 weeks.
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