Bulletproof Coffee For... Lunch?

Curious about what (if any) consensus exists out there regarding doing an intermittent fasting midday, as opposed to in the morning.  


If you were attempting this, about how many hours after eating a clean breakfast (cage-free eggs, avocoado, spinach, bacon, etc) would it be safe to consume a bulletproof coffee?  Four? Six? 


I understand that this is not optimal in terms of prolonging autophagy after waking. For me I suspect it is the best option because of an exceedingly awkward work schedule (2pm-midnight) and because the only time for share a meal with family/loved ones is early in the day.  Also, caffeine sensitivity is not an issue. Appreciate the input!  





  • I work 4pm-2am.

    I drink my BPC (2 tbls butter/mct) starting at 4pm finish it from 7-9pm. If  I haven't eaten a lot during the day I make it with 1 or 2 tbls collagen or eat a can of sardines during my break. When I get home (like right now) I'll have some combination of grass fed whey/collagen. It is more important for me to have at least a little bit of protein before bed and upon waking then it is to worry about fasting.


    As far as safety of time after a meal to drink BPC I don't think you have much to worry about. I mean on your refeed day when you go to eat your bowl of rice/sweet potatoes you have the equivalent amount of butter and mct that you would have in your coffee, right? 

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  • Thanks Bull.

    Recently I tend to be heavier on my carb intake and lower on the healthy fats side of the diet a little too frequently, to the point where "refeed" days could be considered most days for me. Thus I'd an obstacle. Those days when I have successfully threaded the needle and ran deeper towards ketosis felt incredible. Will try and push further towards that as days progress.

    I also consistently take collegen before bed which has greatly helped reduce and eliminate lower back pain. Curiously, the time when I began taking collegen before bed is also around when the weight literally speed melting off me. I've lost 17 lbs since last November, probably another 10-15 to go. More importantly, feeling better than ever!
  • Sorry to resurrect a slightly old threat but I've been interning all summer, which has proved to be a lot more difficult to stay bulletproof, compared to university life.


    I've been having a BP Coffee around 6am and then another around 1pm, eating a large dinner around 7 (normally 250-300 grass-fed beef or pork, lots of veggies and some butter/coconut oil). It's been working very well and on the few days that I have had lunch, I've felt less energetic than normal afterwards.  


    Is there any reason why I shouldn't continue this when I start work full-time in 2015? 

  • So as an update to the original thread topic: I had some very good experiences using bulletproof coffee in the afternoons while working a punishing 3-midnight shift. Then I got a new job (woo!), gave my notice and finished out the month of August working two jobs and getting worn-down in the process.  Now that all that business is over with, I've consciously tried to avoid over-doing it on the intermittent fasting. I put away approximately 1.5-2 contigo mugs worth of BP coffee from 7 am to noon. It's a lot. Swerving too far orange on the diet too often, and I have had days with a bit of a post-lunch afternoon crash. It's a work in progress!  


    Cmguttridge: Congratulations! It sounds like you're doing really well so far. In my current shape I would not try fasting for that long but you should give it a shot. Would recommend you keep listening to what your body is telling you and bring along some BP-friendly snacks like avocado, sardines & sea salt to feast on just in case you hit a wall. In other words, hope for success, but plan for the unexpected! 

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