Activated Carbon Air Filters For Airborne Mycotoxins?

About 4 months ago we moved from a townhouse that I'm now fairly certain had significant mold problems. I appear to be in that 25% who can't process the mycotoxins correctly as I get sudden on-set symptoms when I go in moldy buildings now.


I don't think our new home has mold problems, but we also did not leave behind anything in the move. So I'm looking for a reasonable way to try to treat mycotoxins that moved with us. (I'm still not feeling as good as I should)


Does anyone have any comment on the use of air filters with activated carbon for filtering mycotoxins?

  • Activated Carbon â€“ for the removal of odors and mycotoxins from the air
  • HEPA â€“ to trap mold spores and particles
  • UV germicidal filtration â€“ to neutralize mold spores (and other biological contaminants)


And if it works, any recommendation for a brand? This reviewer with MCS said she reacted to whatever was used by AllerAir to create the carbon:


  • I have a carbon hepa filter but I feel it is impractical for mould. It may filter out the spores but I suspect they might grow inside the filter and end up finding their way out again, yuck.


    I would recommend looking into an airfree purifier. They're completely overpriced but they seem to be the most effective at really destroying mould spores in the air. On the other hand they are completely useless at dealing with allergens, dust, pollution etc despite advertising as such so you seem to get mixed reviews. I haven't bought one yet but I would like to try one on my biohacking wish list.



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