Cold Thermogenesis Concerns

Hey bp'ers , Had an odd reaction to ^ the above last night.

Filled a bath with cold water. Slid in gradually and lay submerged for 15 mins. No shivering as such but after I got out and dressed shivering started building and intensifying to the point I felt anxious so I walked up and down the stairs a few times to promote circulation and try n raise my core temp

I'm 47 and in decent shape ( 170 at 5'8 , 12 to 15% body fat )

So was what happened OK and if not what went wrong

Thanks in advice for any help



  • ClassicClassic
    edited July 2014

    It is recommended by Dr. Jack Kruse (and Dave has stated this as well) that you start slowly and do other things before moving to ice baths, etc.


    For example, Dr. Kruse recommends submerging your face in a sink (or large bowl) with ice water (I don't recall how many times/minutes. I guess however long you can hold your breath and then do it again, etc until you reach a certain amount of minutes) and get used to that for 3 weeks or so before moving more and more to submerging your entire body.


    Try starting small and work your way up.

  • Thanks classic. I did give that protocol a go last Sumner and seemed to go OK. Then I had a break from it through winter as a figured that season with no heating in the UK would probably result in a little cold thermogenesis anyway lol. I guess my logic was If I had adapted myself once I could leap back into it and things would click into place like muscle memory. Time to retread those steps then :s
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